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Announcing the new OOC update

OOC t-shirtLast April the game Blue Dwarf had been running for 12 years, the game HMS Sovereign has been running for a year an a half, and next month the game What will be will be… will be 1 year old.

Half of the battle of keeping a successful play-by-post game going for a long time is communicating with other members, and many people have told me that it’s the community around a game that keeps them interested.

OngoingWorlds works slightly different to many play-by-post games, we focus on the storytelling and have a really good (and easy) system for creating a game and posting your story without having any complicated setup. What we don’t have however is a forum, which is something I’m reluctant to create just because there’s so many good and popular roleplaying forums already like RPG-Directory and RoleplayHub, it seems silly to compete with them when we could just join and discuss tips with other roleplayers there.

Chatting to other members in our games is important however, and it’s often essential to post and OOC (out of character) comment to the game. This is fine, but sometimes too many OOC comments in the game feed can get a bit annoying, and distract from the story itself.

The new OOC update

So I’m working on an update that will allow OOC posts to be filtered out (if you need to), with the added benefit of each OOC post allowing comments.

Checkbox - this is an OOC post

So if you want to post OOC, say for example to announce an award you’ve given to a member, then other members can reply with a comment of congratulations without creating a new post which will clutter up the feed.


I’m going to try this out on certain games first, not all games. If you’d like the update before everyone else please fill out the form below:

Update: November 2012 – You no longer need to register for this update, you’ll now get this automatically. Thanks to all the early adopters!