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David Ball

David Ball

This is a just a very small article to let you know that the creator of Ongoing Worlds, David Ball (that’s me, hello!) was interviewed recently by Steven Savage from Seventh Sanctum. If you’ve never heard of Seventh Sanctum you should – it’s an excellent website full of automatic generators of character names, alien species names, world names, equipment names, tavern names, disease names, etc etc anyway, you get the picture. There’s loads of really useful stuff there for writers and roleplayers, especially when you’re feeling lazy and need to come up with a realistic name for an NPC or gadget. I’ve known about the site for years, so was really happy when Steven approached me, asking to interview me about Ongoing Worlds.

So in the interview I talked all about why I created the site, and then how I created the site (I did get into a bit of technical details – forgive me!), how many people are involved, and briefly how it works.

If you’re interested in reading the article you’ll find it here on Steven’s site –