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Tib’s Corner – Interview with David “Onion” Ball

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Hey everyone! Tib here with Tib’s Corner’s first interview! Our first interview is with no one other than the Ongoing Worlds creator, Dave Ball, AKA Onion. Dave Ball is not only the site’s creator, but the creator of Blue Dwarf itself. I had the chance to talk to Dave with a short interview, and here’s what I found out about the creator!

Q: When did you decide to make a fan-fic based off of the BBC comedy “Red Dwarf”?

A: It was when I was at college, I spoke with a friend who first had the idea of creating an ongoing “game” where you send email between members to continue the story with each email. Blue Dwarf was created on a yahoo! group originally, but due to some of the limitations we moved the entire archive of story across to a couple of years ago. There’s a longer article about why we moved away from Yahoo! groups here.

Q: Who is your favorite Red Dwarfer?/Favorite Episode

A: That’s a tough one! I’ve got so many favourite episodes! One of my favourites is Me2, where Rimmer creates a duplicate of himself and moves in with himself, but eventually because they’re both irritating they argue to comedic effect. Rimmer is my favourite character, he’s neutotic and bitter and annoying, for some reason I love characters like that! Ask me in a couple of weeks though which my favourite episode is and I’ll probably give you a different answer, there’s so many good ones!

Q: How did you think of Ongoing Worlds? The name, concept, and anything else like that.

A: I’d been playing Blue Dwarf for about 10 years when I realised we needed a better system, but none presented itself. I wanted one website where we could write and store the story posts, and also keep character biographies. I’m a web developer so I have the knowledge, so started working on a website. Realising it would be useful for more than just my own play-by-post game, I worked into the system that multiple games could be created. OngoingWorlds was born! The used the name “Ongoing Worlds” because I wanted it to be clear what the site does, and I think the name is logical. It’s a place for people to create and write about their own world, and in theory keep the events going forever.

Q: Did you think OW would make it this far? Did you ever have any doubt?

A: I’ve very pleased that OngoingWorlds has got popular, and with such talented writers too! OngoingWorlds has been running now for 3 years, and I always expected to run it for a long time. But I’m constantly amazed at the creative stuff that people constribute!

Q: Who came up with the squid we all love so much?

A: Ahh our beloved Squiddy! I wanted a fun mascot for the site that was eyecatching and creative. An alien gripping an entire world in its tentacles caught my eye, which fits with our theme of each game being an individual world.

Q: What do you think is the future for OngoingWorlds? Do you have any plans for the future you’re willing to share?

A: I’ve got loads of new features planned, but of course want to be careful not to introduce anything that will change the core of what OngoingWorlds is about. I enjoy chatting about new features with members, so if anyone reading this has some suggestions they’d like to talk about, contact me by the contact us form, or on Twitter (@ongoingworlds).

Q: If you could be stranded on a deserted island with any Dwarfer who would it be? [Other than your favorite.]

A: If you mean from the original Red Dwarf series, absolutely not Rimmer, he would be too irritating! But if you mean from any character from Blue Dwarf, I think it’d have to be Phil Febuggure. He’s quirky and his bizarre antics would keep us both entertained (as long as I don’t get downwind of him after one of his homemade curries).

Well everyone you heard it from the man himself! I want to thank Dave for taking time out of his schedule to do this interview [and for giving me a spot on the blog ;D]

If you would like to apply for an interview email me at:

But in the mean time! Keep Calm and Keep Ongoing! TIB OUT!