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OngoingWorlds was first launched 4 years ago today

OngoingWorlds screenshot 21 March 2014

4 years ago today, OngoingWorlds was first launched (in beta). It had a few niggles, and not that many members at first, but has now grown into a great place for roleplaying, with some truely amazing games, and fantastically creative members!


  • Mobius

    Woo hoo well done! Here’s to another 4 years (and more!)

  • New Worlds Project

    Happy birthday Ongoing Worlds!!!!

  • Tiberius

    Well well well. OW is 4 years old, pretty soon it’s going to be asking for money and the car keys and bringing home strange friends for your disapproval Dave!

    Happy B-Day OW!

  • Daenelia

    Well done for keeping it going for so long, and offering a place for people to just enjoy themselves! Keep evolving!

  • Luke Herbert

    I am happy to have been here for a couple of years 😛

  • Silent Hunter

    Happy Birthday!