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How much do you care about grammar in you’re posts?

Grammar nazi

We’re all writers right? We write posts, we roleplay, we read each other’s posts. How much do you care that other people use correct spelling & grammar? How important is it to you?

Postman pat the naziGood spelling & grammar makes your RP look better quality

For someone who’s thinking of joining your game, think about what they’ll think if they see posts riddled with spelling mistakes and grammar problems. They might make the decision to not join at all, does this bother you?

Or maybe, just maybe they’ll join because they can see there’s no pressure into writing perfectly. They know this game isn’t strict and just a bit of fun. Maybe that’s better?

Either way, just think which of the above scenarios you’re most comfortable with.

Grammar Nazis create a high-pressure environment

You could chase down each spelling mistake, and personally smack the player for writing it if you wanted to. If roleplaying is just a bit of fun, does it even matter though?

Decide for yourself. What do you think?

youreBtw, I created a little trap in the very title of this post. Anyone who comments below or on Facebook about the incorrect you’re (I know full well it should be your) clearly hasn’t read this bit 😛

There’s an article about correct usages of your, you’re and your here which you could show to someone who’s particularly bad at spelling (although try not being a Nazi about it!). And if you like lessons in grammar, here’s another about dialogue tags by Chris.