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Top 10 overused plot devices that you definitely SHOULD use in your game


This week I found a great article of 10 overused plot devices (read it here), the author says NOT to use these in fiction, but I think we definitely SHOULD use them in roleplaying games! Here’s the list:

  • Secret Organizations Plotting Conspiracies, Possibly Relating to World Domination
  • Uncovering Long Lost Remnant of Something
  • Fulfilling a Prophecy
  • Killing the Aliens
  • Unlocking One’s Hidden True Powers, A.K.A. the Chosen One
  • Accidentally Unleashing a Terrible Evil
  • Must Seek Revenge
  • World War II
  • Main Character with Amnesia
  • End of the world

Read the article for more info about each one. I know these are tropes that we’ve seen a million times in films, but are good solid formats for a game where you can add your own twist.