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Take It to the Limit

keep calm and know your limitsWe have all been there. You are posting, things are going smoothly, and then people go to bed or work or just get busy. What do you do? You could always create a game, using the walkthrough here, or you could try to join another game.

Now what? You suddenly have thirty games you are playing, and characters and storylines are getting mixed up, and you can’t keep up with them all! You start buying a notebook to keep things on track, your hair turns gray, and the quality of story goes down. How can you fix this or prevent it from happening?

1. Management

Rather than sign up for every game that catches your eyes, limit yourself to a certain number. Stay below or at that number. Know your limits. Going over your limit could be seen as an obstical to try to overcome, but some obsticals are too big and too hard to overcome.

2. Number of Characters

Don’t have too many characters on any one game. This will get you in trouble. You could have ten characters and six storylines waiting on you to post and you can’t keep them straight. This notally causes problems for you, but for other players. While a group post solves this, it is just easier to limit your characters, if the mod hasn’t already.

3. Names

On top of that, know your limit of your use of character names. It may be boring to use the same names, but it will help you keep everything straight. You can always change last names and pictures, that way you keep it fresh. Even to change their bios helps.

4. Putting It All Together

Combining all three of them is essential. You can’t pick and choose what game to use these on. It must be all of your games. If you can take care of ten characters on ten games apiece, good for you, but not everyone can.

Knowing your limits is essential. You may have an idea for twenty characters, but if you can handle only five, then limit yourself. If you want to join ten games, but can only play or maintain three, stick with your favorites. If you can think of sixty names, but can only remember six at a time, stop at that number. You don’t need to be in every game, and have all the best characters with the best names. Sometimes, you just need to take it to the limit and stop.