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Using NPCs


Sometimes in our stories we need to throw in some Non Player Characters (NPCs) for our characters to talk to. These characters can vary in importance, they can either be someone who explains something very important to your character, or they can be a random security guy who gets killed in a nasty way.

NPC’s can normally be categorized into two types:

Named NPC’s – This is someone who is usually specific to the current plot, either a main bad guy who’s plans you are trying to foil, or an innocent character who’s planet you might be trying to save. These characters are probably being used by the GM to drive the plot forward, so make sure you check before you use them in your posts.

Police chief Wiggam from the simpsons

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Unnamed NPC’s – This is a character who will probably never be mentioned again. Usually they will be referred to by their characteristics, like “the bald man” or “the one with the limp”. Use these if you need someone else to do something your character can’t do. Like for example your character is leading an away-mission and you get into a fight. You can make the action more dramatic by mentioning “the bald man” stabbing an alien to your left. Just to add more drama and depth to the fight.

Also if a crazed bad guy wants to show off his power, he can mercilessly slaughter an NPC that no-one cares about but shows he is willing to murder.

If you are going to use this character loads of times then you can add him/her as a character to the characters page. This will show their profile to everyone else and allow other people to use your NPC.

Please don’t try and add every random person to the Crew Roster though, especially if you’re never going to mention them again!

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