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Star Trek Short Story Competition

The following is information about a short story competition ran by the STF roleplaying community:

An occasional event, the Short Story Competition is a chance for Roleplayers to sink their teeth into a short fan fiction piece set in the Star Trek Universe.

Submissions are sent to the Competition Manager and a panel of three will blindly evaluate all entries. From there, the top 3-5 submissions will be short listed and put to a public vote. What do you win? Well, bragging rights of course!

Normally, the contest is an internal one, for just STF ( members. But this year we thought we’d shake things up and invite all of you from the greater RP community to participate as well. 
All the details can be found here:

Please follow the instructions carefully so your submission isn’t rejected due to a technicality. We look forward to reading all your stories!
If you find yourself with some time and an idea, join us for some fun. Submission period opens May 1st, so get writing!

This article was sent to us by Linds Bayes, a long time member of STF and current CMM (Community and Marketing Manager).