Designing great factions for a great game – Tips for the perfect imperfect factions

This article is written by Kim Smouter from the New Worlds Project, which we’ve blogged about before (see other articles here).

Berleos class light destroyer

Getting your factions right is key to a setting

With New Worlds Project launching on the 2nd January 2016, I was reminded of a series that I wrote for OngoingWorlds a few years back in anticipation of our Reboot. In looking for themes for a new article, I decided to concentrate on an aspect which can make or break a role-playing game, and that is: it’s setting and particularly its factions.

Every role-playing game master will face this choice. Whether they will base their setting on an established setting like Star Trek, Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games or whether they will take that leap and create their own where everything has to be built. And such games aren’t like word games where you can work your way around using Wordscape answers you get off of the internet. You have to pass the levels with great diligence.

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