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How to twist your plots – subtlety & consequences

Plot twist aheadThis is part of an article written by Johnn Four from, I thought this was useful not just for tabletop RPers, but for play-by-post RPers too. So have published it here – but you really should read the original post (you’ll find it here).

Be Subtle

Give clues about the surprising truth but don’t tip off they’re clues. And play the long game. Traditional advice has you ensuring players pick up your clues and creating clue redundancy in case players miss your first hints. With twists, we go the other direction. We put stuff in plain sight but give no indication it’s special. Keep your poker face on, keep your voice steady, don’t give away anything. Read More


12 villain archetypes to choose from


Creating a believable villain can be difficult. A villain needs a sensible cause (click here for an article about that), and they need to be credible (click here for tips about that too). You might find you need a bit of inspiration for creating a good villain, so here’s a list of 12 villains Read More