Awarding the 1st Community Honor to…

The OWCH awardIt gives me great pleasure to present the first OngoingWorlds Community Honor Medal (OWCH) to Jonathan Swift of the USS Asimov for his service as chair of the 2012 Simming Fall Festival. Congratulations, Jonathan!

For those who attended FallFest last month, you saw first-hand what can happen when role players from different clubs and backgrounds come together to celebrate their craft and share ideas. In fact, I had an absolute blast! There were multiple trivia games (and the winners received free CDs!), live chat sims of different genres, and my favorite events: discussions on important topics within our community. Some of of the most talented role players on the web led workshops on character development, advertising and recruiting, and how to be a more effective host.

It’s safe to say that everyone who attended came out a better simmer and leader than when they entered. All in all, a great mix of fun and development. Jonathan’s set the bar high for next year’s FallFest chair. Read More