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How to roleplay on Tumblr

I don't really know what "get out of the tag" means, but this was the only Tumblr image I could find that wasn't animated

I don’t really know what “get out of the tag” means, but this was the only Tumblr image I could find that wasn’t animated

I’ve been curious recently about the people roleplaying on Tumblr, and asked a roleplayer to send me a good help guide. With an initial reaction of “duh isn’t it obvious” she probably assumed I was an old fogie who didn’t know how to use the internet (it’s true, I’m over 30 now). Thing is, it’s NOT obvious. Tumblr is a minefield of horribly animating GIFs and blinking text that’s enough to give a squirrel a seizure.

Tumblr is very popular for roleplayers though, so I persisted. I was given this link, which I’ll paste some of the important sections here in case you’re also curious (but I recommend reading the full article if you are of course). Read More


There’s millions of roleplayers. They just might not be where you’re looking

I noticed recently that RPGlibrary has closed the section of their forum for PBEM games, citing “the era of PBEM roleplaying has come and gone”. Utter nonsense, or is that true? Read More