JP - Capturing Caneclone

Lola, with Caneclone’s help, got Fang to the shed, but he was still unmoving. She didn’t realize he was dead and patted his face in an attempt to wake him.

Caneclone was pretty sure that Fang was dead, but he was not a doctor.

Lola looked at Caneclone and sniffled, not sure what to do now.

“She said they’re coming soon.” Caneclone said, not having anything else to do but wait.

Lola just curled up next to Fang, sitting there and rocking back and forth as the storm raged on around them. They could hear the fire slowly hissing as the rain kept pelting it into smoke and steam.

Caneclone was pretty sure that Fang was dead. He rubbed his arms to help warm up from the rain.

It would be about half an hour later when they would hear the vehicles arriving. They looked almost military and those within were prepared if Caneclone retaliated.

Caneclone stepped out of the shed. He frowned at the vehicles, expecting ambulances.

Delilah stepped out of the truck, not caring that was getting soaked as she looked at the now charred house. “Jesus…” She muttered and went toward the shed. “You the one that called for Lola and Fang?” She called to him as a few Underground members began to surround the area, making sure Jaxon wasn’t coming back.

“Yes, Fang is in the shed. He’s not…” Caneclone trailed off.

Delilah made a gesture and two men passed Caneclone. They soon would be walking out with Fang in a bodybag and Lola trailing behind in tears. “Come on,” She told the clone and gestured to the first vehicle. “You can sit in the back.”

There would be a small group in there, waiting. Some had animal ears, others did not. One had adorable twitching dog ears and she looked at Caneclone with disdain.

Caneclone sat down, feeling very uncomfortable. He did not understand why the dog lady seemed to hate him. “Uh… hi?”

“Hi.” She said stiffly and got up, closing the doors behind him. Returning to her seat, she slid the window aside that was on the wall between the back and the cabin of the truck. “We can go now.” She said and closed it, returning to her seat and continuing to glare at Caneclone.

“I’m Caneclone, sometimes they called me 001 or Nature.” Caneclone said. It was bad enough that the woman he did not know hated him, her having dog ears made it worse. He liked dogs.

“Claire,” She replied and turned her blue eyes away from him, crossing her arms. The dog-woman would ignore him until they arrived at the Underground. “Okay, bud, here’s the thing. You have the face of a very bad guy that can’t be trusted, so we have to put you in a collar so you can’t do anything…funny.” She stated and grabbed a collar to suppress his powers.

Caneclone jerked away at the sight of the collar. “No… Please no.” He pleaded. “They made me wear a collar in MegaCorp… Please, not again. I never hurt anyone.”

"Then you won't be permitted into the Underground," Claire informed him in a calm tone. "We can take you somewhere and drop you off or you can temporarily wear this collar until we're sure you aren't going to run around raping and torturing people."

“Please… I’ve never hurt anyone. Lola and Abe can vouch for me.” He pleaded.

Claire just stared at him, frowning. “You can’t be trusted!” She snapped. “You’ve proven time and time again that you won’t change. We all know. We’ve all heard the stories.” Her grip tightened on the collar. She knew of the people in the Underground that had been hurt by the bastard with that face.

“But I haven’t hurt anyone!” Caneclone protested. “It wasn’t me!”

“We can’t trust your word!” Claire pulled out her tranquilizer and shot him quickly.

“Please!” Caneclone yelped and went limp.

Claire sighed heavily and put the collar on him. “I hate this job…” She muttered and got someone to help her get him into a secure room.

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