Soju and Planning

Choi got cleaned up, unassisted by Sung. It was painful, but Yeong was finding it easier to block the pain by first meditating.

While meditating, there came that familiar buzz, which led to another vision. In this one, Choi witnessed several bodies, all dead, wearing Nike shoes and the same shirt. What did this mean? The vision faded out as if Choi was going backwards out of the house. It was another mansion. Yeong was certain if he came across this place, he’d recognize it.

After a soothing hot shower, Choi looked for Sung. He was famished from his energy use and needed to be replenished.

In Sung's apartment, He made some tea and some simple snacks, for Choi. Sung for some reson felt like being nice. It was culture to be hospitable. When Choi came out and into the living room Sung looked to see if he was moving better. "I hope the rest and shower helped you feel better," said Sung poring some tea for Choi.

Choi bowed to Master Sung, saying, “Yes, thank you, Master Sung!” Looking around, he affirmed, “Your accommodations are splendid. Thank you for inviting me tonight.”

Yeong notes ces the spread of nuts and fruit. He notice geum gyuls, gam, and podo for fruit. There were ginkgo nuts, pine nuts, walnuts, and pistachios. It was a perfect snack.

“You are quite generous, Master Sung!” Choi announced to his host. “So, tomorrow we check out the apothecary?”

"That would be a good start and anything that Eun-Ji wants us to look into. Understand I am not in charge so you can do what you need to complete your mission. But it was good to take the initiative to bring us together. So we can compleat the missions given to us. That shows leadership," said Sung now setting two bottles on the table. They were a flat green color made of glass with a clear liquid in them. The Koren drink Soju. "From home" commented Sung with a smile.

Choi raised an eyebrow. The monks at the monastery didn’t drink. In fact, except for some rituals, alcohol is forbidden within the monastery’s confines.

Choi wasn’t a monk. He was simply raised at the monastery. He trained there with Master Park. So, Choi took one of the bottles.

The taste was sweet and clean, very smooth. Choi’s expression took on the look of pleasure. It was rare Yeong drank anything but tea. However, during missions, he made exceptions once in a while.

“Aju johayo,” Choi calmly stated. (Very good) “I believe we should follow the lead Eun-Ji gives to us. I also may have another,” he confided to Sung. “While meditating, I had another vision. Another mansion containing many dead bodies. They all had the same Nikes on and the same shirt.”

Sung sits back in the chair "I am sure all of this has to do with what they call the end times maybe. Visions are not my expertise. I do get them sort of. But only in fighting or danger. I might get a flash of what's to come. " replied Sung thinking.

Takeing a sip of his Soju. "It could be a warning for you what is to come. This is different from what I have heard. Never met anyone that has them so often that does have me concerned. what might be coming our way soon." stated Sung looking up at the ceiling.

Choi took a sip, wondering what Eun-Ji was doing on the case. If he knew, he’d branch off and assist in another way. She seemed very focused on what she was doing.

He sipped the soju, then replied, “I think something of great importance is about to happen or has already begun. What I see usually has something to do with what is needed for the investigation.”

Sung thought for a moment. "There was that saying. Oh yes, All roads lead to Rome or China in some places. In this case, we all came to the same house. two different groups and different people This type of thing does not happen much. Most of the time different organizations go their own way and do their own thing," explained Sung taking another drink. "That would lead me to believe that something is brewing. All will reveal itself in time, Choi," said Sung thinking about it.

Yeong completed the soju, ate a few pieces of fruit and nuts. “So,” he thought aloud, after a quick breakfast tomorrow, we check out the apothecary.”

"Yes," Sung answered then looked at Cho. "Time for a healing." Sung got up and placed his hand on the shoulder of Choi saying some ancient words his hand had a white hue. "You should be good by tomorrow," remarked Sung.

“Thanks!” Choi said with a yawn. “I will see you tomorrow. Thank you for the accommodations for tonight. It was much needed.”

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