Techie Sung

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Sung drove around for a little while. they stopped at a drive-through for food and drinks. and drove back to Sung's apartment. Getting back and eating food Sung did the one thing Sung does not like to do pulled his computer out. Start to look at the case again and the evidence Sung had collected. "Choi, how does that dream vision or whatever it is called work?”

Choi took a bite of his burger. He grimaced, not knowing how people could eat this stuff. He guessed that when in a time pinch, people would eat just about anything if hungry enough.

“It usually happens while I’m in meditation. There’s a buzzing, as if it’s warning me to focus. Then I see things I don’t completely understand until later.” It was difficult to explain. “For example, I saw Eun-Ji’s face before I met her. When I saw her at the university, I knew she was the one I was to help. The same morning, I saw mothman and the ley lines, which I didn’t know were left lines until Eun-Ji discussed them. I tend to see things before actually experiencing them.”

“It wasn’t those that cause me anxiety now,” Choi confessed. “It’s the vision that Alyssa and I had, and maybe Powers too, when I opened The End Rite.” Yeong thought for a moment, then added, “I tell you what, see what you can find in the Dragon Database on Emma and Marquard.”

Typing Sung gave a nod. "Do get rest tonight it is going to be a long day tomorrow," suggested Sung still looking at this lab top. "It is not the organizations but the foundations," Sung said thinking out loud. "The evidence is lost on the Foundations. This is where investigators make the mistake. They are all dead-ends due to deaths," continued Sung. "So there Mo is they start a foundation get the money and pepole or followers through the foundations then end the trial by killing them then it looks like an occult death case closed," suggested Sung not sure if he was right.

Sung smiled. "The one common fact is a man who does investments, Jack Rentals, or the company Creed Existence which does everything within the law. This way does not attract attention. They operate out of Congo." said Sung now sounding tired.

Choi reached up and scratched the back of his head. It made sense. There was a jungle scene in the vision.

“The part of the vision we saw that mention Marquard was in a jungle. I’m sure it must be the Congo. Agents of all three factions were running and being shot at.”

"All three factions? As in The Dragon, The Templars, the Illuminati," asked Sung.

Choi nodded in an affirmative fashion. It was unnerving. He was not used to seeing operatives running from danger.

“Have you ever run from anything?” Choi probed. What could be so horrible to cause operatives to run?

Sung thought "I would like to lie and say no. It was a demon and some minions. I was by myself so I ran not that I did not kill that demon later and all the minions. That was the first time I thought I was going die," replied Sung with a small smile on his face. He sat back and took a drink from his glass.

Choi nodded again. “I’m glad we’ll have the help from the Illuminati at least. Have you heard from Eun-Ji?”

Sung looked like he was thinking "No not yet she has a lot of research to do so I will let her do her work if she needs help she will call," Sung said leaning back and looking up at the ceiling.

Choi didn’t expect that answer. If she were working alone, wouldn’t that make her susceptible?

“What if something happens to her?” Yeong asked. “Master Park told me to watch over her and make sure she was successful.”

Sung sighed "Give Eun-Ji a call, Do I need to hold your hand? said Sung sounding a little irritated. "Do not let me slow you down," stated Sung. Sung's phone chirped. " Got a text from Alyssa. Meet at Halliwell House tomorrow morning. A lot has happened. Or come tonight. Important but no one is in urgent danger," Sung said reading the text.

Sung texted back: Received, green team will come if needed.

"We might go, and see the blue team be ready to move but make your phone call." Suggested Sung.

Choi thought a moment. He didn’t want to stir the pot. Eun-Ji already didn’t seem to like him. If he called her to check on her, he was certain she’d be even more angry with him.

“Like you said,” Choi pensively replied, “if she would need us, she’d call.”

Sung looked at the clock "Dam, 2 am, let us get some sleep another long day tomorrow. We will wake up early and head over." suggested Sung.

Choi stretched and agreed. Later in the night, when Yeong had thought Sung was asleep, he would sneak out and go to the place they dropped off Eun-Ji. He would meditate, concentrate on the sounds around him, slow his heart rate and breathing, listening only for anything out of the ordinary. This way, he’d still get rest, while remaining on guard. It was a way for his senses to be heightened while his body rested.

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