Morning Breakfast and Heading Out

In the morning, Choi was soaked from the rain. He stood vigil outside of the home where Eun-Ji was staying. He broke from his tactical breathing and soon his heart rate returned to normal. He was glad Eun-Ji remained safe.

Yeong ran back to Sung’s home, sneaking back into the window of his room. He removed the soaked clothing and took a warm shower. It did wonders, increasing the blood flow. He dressed in clean clothing that Sing had provided for the past couple of days, since Choi’s clothing was still at his underground suite. He then headed to the kitchen, hoping to find breakfast.

Sung was sitting near the window sipping on some tea it was weird like you could not even feel his presence there by the window. Sung turned to look at Choi. Then back out the window. "There is some breakfast on the table and hot water for tea," said Sung politely. Sung was not going to ask about the night or when Choi returned. It was none of Sung's business as far as Sung was concerned.

"When you are ready well will go" said Sung finishing his tea.

Choi nodded and smiled. “Good morning, Master Sung,” he expressed. “I’m famished. There is no better way to start the day.”

Choi ate the breakfast and downed a cup of tea. As he ate, he wondered what the day working aside the Illuminati would bring. At least these three seemed pleasant enough with whom to work.

“I am ready, Master,” Choi acknowledged. “Shall we go,” he added putting the sword over a shoulder in its sword bag.

Sung did the same grabbing his sword bag and hanging it on his shoulder using its strap. His family sword felt fairly familiar. Sung hoped this day he would not need it.

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