Virtual Catacombs

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She started typing away, and then said. "I have the maps of the catacombs. Apparently, a bunch of them. Does anyone want to look them over?”

After ensuring Master Sung was okay, just needing rest from the energy drain of healing Alyssa, Choi returned to the room. Seeing Eun-Ji, he nodded with a serious look. This was unusual for Yeong; usually he was light and joking, having fun.

It wasn’t fun having a partner he still didn’t trust. Oh, she was good. And when he had first met her, Choi was charmed by her looks. He still remembers the decoy Eun-Ji on the trolley flashing her eyes at him. Choi couldn’t deny that it had an effect upon him. But now, this girl’s demeanor was not attractive.

Choi had been waiting for Master Sung to address this. It was his burden as the older and wiser of the three. It fell to him as a former trainer to Eun-Ji as well. Yeong wondered if this would dishonor the lineage of Moon in the Dragon faction.

Choi crossed to Alyssa. “Master Sung just needs rest,” he assured them in case they were concerned. “Show me what you got.”

Eun-Ji ignored Max’s smolder as he passed by them. And proceeded to move about the room to get a better vantage point. The illusion moved about and reacted to its environment convincingly as a sovereign individual. The real Eun-Ji did the same. Both had the graceful poise of a dancer, saturated with feminine charm; however, there was a hint of danger, much like a spider spinning a web for its prey.

She nodded back at Choi, indifferent to his passive aggressive demeanor. Simultaneously, she was soaking up what was being discussed and was mentally cross referencing it with what she had already discovered.

"I'm glad he's doing alright," Alyssa said to Yeong as he came towards her. She moved over slightly and patted the seat next to her as an offer for the man to sit down, so he could see the images on the screen. "This is a current map of the catacombs. It can move completely through them in any direction, or I can zoom out. It works similar to something like Google maps but is far more accurate, and detailed. So, what are we looking for?”

Prue said, "Chick Chicken my sister here said something about masks. When I left here, people were still using dial up. See what you can find on masks and the occult. Just advice.”

"Dial up? How old are you?" Alyssa quipped. "Anyway, I'll work on it. But first come, first serve, so I'll work on it after I help Yeong.”

Agent Powers was very confused by that comment on cult masks. In his past he killed a lot of criminals wearing masks like bandanas over the mouth, Wooden animal/demon masks for the guys claiming to be ninjas in the Triad, Black ski masks from ex-mercs working for crime lords and so on but none of them ever related to magic. He was curious by what they meant by a cult mask. Was this some kind of theme that the cult members used to ID each other? It sounded like a terrible way to be sneaky in public, but he has seen some very dumb criminals be for.

Yeong looked at the map. It appeared familiar, simply because what everyone referred to the catacombs was actually underground San Francisco. His eyes widened when he spied where his accommodations were under the restaurant.

“I wonder how many people died in the earthquake in 1906?” Choi thought aloud. “I think it was around seven hundred. I’m sure they didn’t clear everybody out. They simply built over the rubble. The old city is underneath, which means plenty of spirits.”

Eun-Ji interjected and directed her query at Alyssa, “Are there any indications of a crescent shaped marking? It would be crudely formed, like a healed scar from a wound.”

Choi looked at Eun-Ji, shocked at the sudden cooperation. He grinned, pleased with the change.

“Also,” Yeong suggested, “The symbol of Morninglight, which is a rising sun. It is the horizon with the sun peaking over it and beams headed in all directions.”

Eun-Ji noticed Choi’s grin and micro expression. It made her wonder if he was Dragon material, or his temperament more aligned with the Illuminati, the way he so freely interacted with the enemy. Choi was conflating collaboration with instrumentation. Eun-Ji wasn’t working with Alyssa, she was using her to fill a gap in her current investigation.

Alyssa responded to Eun-Ji and Yeong, "I believe that might be seen better in the pics that were sent to me." Alyssa spilt the screen and then explained, "The images that are on the left, should line up with the map on the right. Let's see what we can find.” True to word the pictures of the catacombs did seem to line up with the map.

Yeong motioned for Eun-Ji to join them as he sat next to Alyssa. He glanced down at the laptop screen, hoping to see something that will aid the investigation.

Sung walked back into the room and sat down "I heard pepole are on the way to pick up our guest they should be here in five minutes." commented Sung. The different group's phone texts confirmed this.

Eun-Ji was content to stand where she was. She could see things just fine from her current location. She patiently waited to see what Alyssa would uncover with her state of the art technology.

When Sung emerged she acknowledge him with a gentle bow, out of respect, before returning her attention back to the matter at hand.

Alyssa noticed that Eun-Ji didn't sit down, but didn't care that much about it. She didn't feel like attempting to figure out the Dragon woman. She continued to watch for anything of use.

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