Templar HQ (Field Agents Office)

Corinth gazed at the electronic map of London, its vivid display casting an artificial glow that enveloped the room, emanating from the colossal 100-inch screen adorning the wall. With his finger, he marked Jack Stone's flat and drew a line in the direction that he last saw Ivy running away. It would be impossible to figure out where she went on his own and he would have to wait until she killed again before knowing where to pick up the investigation. It was a terrible way to do things, but he didn't have any other option.
He wanted to try a Locate Creature spell, but he hadn't seen her true form yet. Sadly, more people would have to die before that was to happen.

His fingers traced over a few areas and he marked locations that he thought would make good feeding grounds. Areas that were out of the way, places were the homeless gathered, drug dealer alleyways...anything that would allow a super predator to hunt without distraction or notice.

"But if she was to feed off the dregs of society," he thought, "would she be getting her strength back as fast? Younger, male hearts would be her preferred meal, but I doubt she has the looks or the skills in Ivy's body to accomplish that."

Corinth heard someone enter the room behind him, but he was to focused to turn around and look to see who it was. Their footsteps were heavy, so he knew it wasn't Dalia. They sat something heavy down and were now walking closer to him. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Magdalena in all her Demolisher glory. Behind her, leaning against his desk was her war hammer, Soul Ejector. It was blunt, to the point, and had some sharp edges to it, much like Magdalena herself. When you carry a hammer, everyone becomes a nail.

Magdalena was tall, easily over 6 foot and had tightly braided blonde hair. She wore traditional Templar red leathers and often looked like she belonged in some futuristic renaissance fair. As she drew closer, she stood beside him and slapped the back of his shoulder hard enough to make him lean forward a bit.

"How goes the hunt," she asked as she looked over the map and the marks he made. Her voice was softer than one would expect and her London accent carried a hint of elegance that did not match her physical presence.

"Slow," he responded, turning his head back to the screen. "I have a feeling things are going to get worse before they get better."

"They usually do." She paused and then turned her head to him. "People's talkin' 'bout you leavin' the San Francisco job."

He shrugged. "That's what happens when you get late info and the other factions get a jump on things."

"An' wot 'bout yer partner, eh?" She crossed her arms and smiled. ""Did she decide to stick it out then, or is she scarperin' too?"

"I don't know what her plans are," he used his finger to mark another spot on the board. "She's her own person and can make her own decisions."

"I s'pose you're right. 'Ow about you give yer eyes a rest and come down to the Horned God with me, eh? First rounds on you?"

He smiled at that. "Nothing would make me happier than going beer for beer with you," he turned to look at her, "but there is a really nasty bitch out there that needs to be put down."

It was her turn to smile, "I reckon you say that to all the birds ya try to dodge." She sighed at the declined invitation. "Alright, what's the score then? What do we know?"

Corinth gave her all the information he had since his return. He gave her his theories and what he thought would be the best approach once they found Ivy, but that was more a guess at best. He really didn't know what he would do if he saw her again except kill her. That seemed to be the best course of action, but if there was a chance to save her and expel the spirit, he should at least try too. It's what the Templar's would want him to do, but he knew things like this never played out like he wanted them too. Ivy was as good as dead already and it would be more humane to just go ahead and put her out of her misery while at the same time, getting rid of the Empusa.

"Seems like you got yourself a proper bloody mess, mate," she said with some concern in her voice.

"Pretty soon, it won't just be my mess."

Static erupted from a police scanner on Corinth's desk. Both he and Magdalena turned to look at it.

"Ya got a police scanner goin' too, eh? Every little bit counts, yeah?"

"The cities too big for just us. I figured the locals would find her first."

The police scanner came to life again and a staticky male voice filled the room. "All units, we've got a 10-40 at Breckenridge and Birmingham. Requestin' backup and a coroner. Detective Sewel, switch to private channel 8." Corinth grabbed the radio and quickly tuned it to the proper channel. "It has been reported that the victim's heart has been removed," clarified the same males voice. "Units are on standby waiting for your arrival.

A different males voice responded. "ETA in 10 minutes, tell them not to touch anything."

"Copy, Sir."

Corinth rubbed his hands together and looked over to Magdalena. "You coming?"

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