Door of Bones

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Agent Powers ignored the others behind him as he moved forward at a slow but reasonable pace. He kept a look out for traps, vermin and possible dangers both natural and man made. Every now and then he would encounter a rat and he just gave it a small kick. It would sent flying and before it died from the impact of a wall. Since he had experience with this before he only kicked it hard enough to break its bones without making it explode open. He was not to fond of the smell of dead rats in the tunnels since he knew they would be there a while. He didn't say anything since he was focused on pressing on. As they continued on the dark tunnel he looked for any clues left on the walls that could be useful.

Choi silently walked beside Powers. His senses hyper. He figured he’d sense something before Max saw something.

He sniffed the air. “Hey Powers,” Yeong whispered. “What did you have for lunch? Mexican? Do me a favor and ease up on the refried beans next time.”

Of course, he was only joking with Max. It’s what those working together did. Talk smack.

Agent Powers smirked as he kicked another rat deep into the tunnel. The small squeak was the last sound it made before hitting a wall and getting crushed. He then spoke in a low tone, "Your funny Choi. I am not sure where you smell beans though, Mr. Secret Asian Man (from the song). Seriously though all I can smell is dead animals and mold in this place. Though they are annoying its good that we do see the rats though. It means no traps nearby. If we find a bunch of dead rats in one place it's a good sign for traps. Also keep an eye out for odd marks to walls that look odd. It's possible to find hidden passageways inside a tunnel to throw us off. The Cartel and Voodoo masters like doing that stuff." Agent Powers continued to light the way with his head lamp.

The sound of the rats being kicked made Alyssa jump slightly. She took a breath and calmly spoke, to Max. "Maybe, you could leave the rats alone. They might be the only actually innocent things down here, and all the noise can only attract attention." Really, the rats would probably just run from the group, why kill them?

The computer hacker was trying to keep her eyes peeled but everyone around her was taller than her, so it made it a little difficult.

Sung had been in the back walking with the others. Watching them and studying the way they reacted to things. The only thing sung was not keen on what the rats. the darkness did not bother Sung was used to working in places like this. He did wish the others would not joke as much and Sun figured they were nervous.

Sung A multitude of bodies locked together in death, fitting perfectly like one enormous body. Skulls in arches and rows broke up the pattern. Some had holes in them, some cracked and others smooth. All had the dull patina of age and seemed to be cemented together as if they had sunk into each other after years of standing here, sentinels to death. The ancient dead don’t smell and the earth scent. Certainly not unpleasant, more like a cave.

The teams walked for about 15 minutes. The echo of them walking could be heard it was almost impossible to be quiet. The dust in the air was heavy enough to be seen. there were some red night lights now and then in the ceiling. This helped to make this place even creepier. there was a turn in the tunnel as they went through the turn. Yeong could see that the dust started to flow to the right and through some bones. After a closer inspection, the Bones are arranged a little differently. Max and Yeong can feel the air moving in that direction when all of this is realized. Something is hidden there.

Agent Powers raised his arm to halt the others from moving forward. He moved his light around the area to illuminate it while looking with his eyes for anything that look odd. Then he spoke softly as he said, "Looks like we found a trap. Who wants to disarm it?" He didn't take his eyes off the scene since he didn't have time for a smolder.

“The air is flowing that way,” Choi announced. “It is dustier that way too. Either the air flow is pulling the dust that direction, or it is the path less taken.”

Yeong knew that just as in the jungle, more use means a path is hewn. Even the smallest of rodents leave a path of a heavily trafficked area. The path here would be less dust, as it would tend to cling to the feet of the travelers.

"What kind of trap is it?" asked Sartre?

Sung made his way to the front where Choi was. Sung looked around. then pulled out a small Tactical light flashlight from his jacket. then started to look around carefully. He passed to the far side opposite the wall they were looking at. Then turned to look at the ground and ceiling. Sung touched the dirt near the wall they were examining. brushing some of it away.

After Sung moved some of the dirt there were scrape marks from something sliding. "Not a trap but a concealed door I think," commented Sung showing what he found.

"I can probably unconceal it." Alyssa commented, as she moved forward. This time not wasting time asking others to do what she could quietly and quickly do, and with no equipment.

The young woman double checked for any traps or things that might be triggered, finding nothing, she put her hands on the bone. Was quiet for a moment, the bones disintegrated, falling quietly down.

Agent Powers was ready to grab Alyssa and pull her to safety in case things went wrong. He was no longer in a joking mood since knew of the many dangers inside tunnels. He watched for anything that was a threat.

"If there is a ladder to climb down, I can go down first." Sartre offered.

There were stairs leading down in the tunnel. there was no light and did not look as old as the other tunnels they had walked through. This tunnel was more narrow. Agent Power's head would be near the ceiling and his shoulders near the side walls. so it would be one at a time to walk down the stairs.

Agent Powers looked down the hole and lit it up with his head light. Since it was narrow he described it to the others and replied, "I appreciate the offer Peter but my dad won't be happy if you and Alyssa got hurt. Its best if I was the tank on this part." Agent Powers didn't give a smolder as he responded. He looked very serious at this point. It was almost like he was expecting to get his by an ambush or trap at any moment.

“I got your back,” Choi replied to Powers, drawing the sword Sung had given him from the bag. “It’s best to be prepared.”

He looked at the others, “Powers and I will check it out and let you know if it’s safe.”

Agent Powers nodded as he slowly went down the stairs and looked around with his head light. He was looking for any possible traps and damage to the tunnel that would be a concern. The climb down as a problem as Agent Powers was rather big for the tunnel so he altered his form a bit to fit a bit easier down the ladder. When he reached the bottom he reverted back to his original big muscular form and looked around before Choi came down. He was very thorough in looking the place over.

"What do you see down there?" asked Sartre.

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