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Summary: Intelligent Super Mutant beware!

Victoria Valentina

Gender: Female

Age: 100

Group: PCs

Character Information

Before the bombs dropped in 2077 DARPA was researching the Forced Evolutionary Virus, they were also building their own version of the Vault. For legal reasons, it was called Repository and used the Greek alphabet to distinguish between each one. When Repository Alpha was completed, several projects were moved into Alpha. Anyone working on those projects also moved into Alpha full-time. The research into the Force Evolutionary Virus was one such research project.

Among the people living in Alpha was Mr. & Mrs. Valentina. Mr. Valentina was the architect of DARPA’s Repositories. Mrs. Valentina was the lead researcher into the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Those living in the Repository continued working on their projects even after being sealed they also spent time educating their children or the children of others to continue the work, to prevent it from killing them all. They also set up a computer program to carefully pair up people to prevent birth defects from excessive inbreeding.

The DARPA FEV project before the bombs fell had some human test subjects, they were also massive failures. Once the bombs fell test subjects were no longer possible, until someone killed another citizen of Alpha. Everyone agreed the murderer should be killed some suggested before killing him he should be used as a test subject. After that, it became a very loud screaming match about who got to experiment on the murderer. The leader of the FEV project did not participate in the screaming, he and his number two dragged the murderer kicking and screaming to their lab and injected him. Their most recent predictive model suggested the test subject had a ten percent chance of retaining his intellect relatively intact. The murderer lost half his intelligence if not more. Considering his intelligence beforehand he was the smartest super mutant alive, he was then incinerated. From then on, for any crime that resulted in permanent harm to the people of the Repository or the Repository itself, the offender was used as a guinea pig and then executed.

It would be twenty more years before someone was subjected to forced experimentation. He gained a slight increase in strength and was dumb as an ox, not that he had much intelligence anyway. The most important thing was the fact he was docile. Five years later a low-level researcher developed an inoperable terminal case of brain cancer, he volunteered to be used as a test subject. The version used on him proved to be a remarkable breakthrough, his cancer was cured, incredible strength, but not as good as a normal Super Mutant, and maintained his intelligence. After that, anyone with a terminal illness or dying of old age could volunteer to be turned into what became known as Demi Mutants. They all remained sterile.

In 2169 Victoria Valentina was born. She followed in the footsteps of the original matriarch of the family in studying the Forced Evolutionary Virus. She also trained in the use of weapons in case the outer blast door was ever breached, and the intruders got past the Securitrons. When Victoria was a teenager, her father became a mutant. She was used to seeing mutants around the facility, but it was a ridiculously hard adjustment for her to see her father as one. Victoria wanted to cure the sterility problem; she had a feeling the mutants would be the ones to inherit whatever was left of the Earth. One day while studying the FEV a part of the genetic code just lit up for her. She knew there was a problem with the virus in that section. She isolated that section and studied it like that was her holy book. As she studied it, she narrowed it down increasingly. A year later and she was still frustrated, she leaned back in her seat and spun around. When she stopped spinning, she was facing the monitor. Her eyes went wide, she figured it out. The math was upside down. She jumped out of her seat and started whooping and hollering like a madwoman possessed. Her mother, after finally getting her to settle down, got her to explain what was going on. Out of breath, she managed to huff out the word sterility and point furiously at the screen. Her mother studied it and was floored. The next day the first male test subject was given FEV-Victoria-Alpha. The transformation took longer than older versions. Once he could produce a specimen for them to assess, they found the sterility problem was cured. Then a woman who was born sterile volunteered and after tests were run on her she was found to no longer be sterile. Within six months those two were expecting their first child.

One of the first mutants volunteered to be given the Victoria strain to see if it would cure his sterility problem. It did not he died the most painful and gruesome death possible. When his heart stopped beating his entire body lost molecular cohesion, all that was left was a giant puddle of putrid yellowish-green goo. Not long after that Victoria’s mother started to suffer the effects of dementia, and she injected herself with FEV-Victoria-Beta. It stopped her dementia in its tracks but did not fix what was already destroyed. The most amazing thing was she maintained her secondary sexual characteristics to a lesser degree.

On the eve of her ninetieth Victoria Valentina could feel death coming for her, she could feel his bony hand on her shoulder. She was not ready to give up yet. She wanted to keep working so she injected herself with FEV-Victoria-Gamma. She felt amazing afterward. She had not felt this good since she was a teenager.

A few years after Victoria went mutant controversy erupted in the Repository. Humans were detected on the surface. The Demis were split into what to do. Some favored open hostility to make them go away. Some were open to interaction with the surface dwellers.

Victoria was caught in the middle, her father was in favor of hostility, and her mother wanted to contact the surface. Victoria spent almost all her time in her lab after that. When she was not in the lab she was in older, abandoned parts of the Repository near the surface.

Victoria favors the Recharger pistol and rifle, or a 10mm SMG.

Victoria currently wears no armor as no armor has been made for mutants in the Repository. She also uses the Pip-Pad.

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