Findin' some grub

The shopping district buzzed with activity as Drakk and Penelope navigated through the maze of makeshift stalls and dilapidated storefronts. The air was thick with the scent of rust and decay, mingled with the tantalizing aroma of grilled meats drifting from nearby food vendors.

"Master, I wouldn't," Penelope said as Drakk eyed a table full of gamblers.

The players, each one an obvious cutthroat, held their cards close and their assortment of weapons still closer. Eventually his eye caught one of the men slipping a card into his hand. A moment later a fight broke out. One man went flying through the air into a nearby stall and another fell to the ground with a knife plunged into his chest.

He glanced back at Penelope and let out a whimsical sigh, "...You're probably right."

Penelope trailed behind Drakk as they headed deeper in. Her gaze flitting from one display to the next, her unsettling presence drawing curious glances from the other patrons. But so far, none bothered to do more than gawk. Despite the whispers and sidelong glances, she moved with an air of quiet confidence. Her steps were elegant and purposeful and her hips swayed pleasantly as she scanned the array of goods on offer.

Drakk grumbled under his breath as he inspected a row of salvaged electronics, shaking his head at the exorbitant prices. "Ridiculous," he muttered, glaring at a broken terminal.

Penelope nodded in agreement, her black eyes narrowing slightly as she surveyed the merchandise. "We should keep moving, Master."

"You make her call you that?" the unkempt shop owner asked, tilting his hat.

"She calls me what she wants," Drakk replied, dismissively.

Wasn't the first time he'd been asked that.

With a resigned sigh, he followed her, weaving through the crowded aisles. As they moved deeper into the shopping district, the din of voices grew louder, punctuated by the occasional clang of metal and the hiss of steam from nearby vendors.

Suddenly, Penelope stopped in her tracks, her gaze fixed on a small stall tucked away in the corner. A sign above the entrance proclaimed in faded letters: "Mama Lou's Diner: Home Cookin' at its Finest."

Drakk raised an eyebrow as he followed Penelope's gaze. "Mama Lou's, huh?" he said, a hint of skepticism in his voice. "You think they'll have anything worth eating?"

Penelope nodded, a faint smile tugging at the corners of her lips and he felt her hand grasp his before leading him in.

"I have a feeling, Master," she said, her voice tinged with quiet certainty.

With a shrug, Drakk acquiesced, allowing Penelope to drag him along. Despite the curious stares and muttered comments that followed in their wake, they pressed on, their hunger driving them forward.

As they stepped inside Mama Lou's Diner, the scent of home-cooked food enveloped them like a warm embrace. The fact that Mama Lou was a ghoul... only detracted from it a little bit.

Drakk slumped down and snatched up a menu.

"Hey fella, you a regular? What's good?" he ask, turning to the patron next to him.

OOC: Kronos, if you're interested, this could be Addey. And Drakk could pass a charisma check to become best friends... or they could just talk and become acquainted.

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