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Halloween story competition 2011: Winner

PumpkinsWe ran a competition in October where we asked you to send us your scary Halloween stories. The winning entry is a short story called A Dream so Real it leaves Scars by Addriey Jones. Thanks very much to Addriey Jones for entering.

We’ve included her story here for you to read:

A Dream so Real it leaves Scars

By Addriey Jones

My name is Shadow Morticia.

I live to hear the terror filled voice echo through the room of pain, I live to smell the fear in the room clinging to the humid sticky air like maggots  on a dead body. I live to taste the crisp salty crimson red liquid seep into my mouth but the thing that keeps me alive, the thing that keeps me walk every step with a bit more enthusiasm is…. Nathaniel De Luca.  I live in hope to one day see his face twist in pain as each flame lick  mercilessly at his body, slowly burning his skin as his scream for helps get lost in the loud laughter that fills the room.  I live to see him suffocate on the smell of his burning his flesh as he feels the dancing flame drive deeper and deeper into his body. That is what I live for…. To destroy Nathaniel De Luca.

The darkness wrapped itself around my eyes as I felt my way through the forest helplessly. I could hear the harsh laughter as I forced my feet to run faster. I felt twigs slice my face as I cringed at the sound of his voice.

“I’m going to get you Nathanial and when I do, I’m going to watch you burn. I’m going to watch your skin peel as the fire engulf your body in an endless circle.” The voice was dripping with venom as each word got louder and louder. I clasped my hand around a branch as I felt piercing pain slip through my clammy palm as I sucked the blood from my hand. I tasted the sweetness crawl into my mouth as I sucked selfishly at my cut.

“I can see you…” I heard a smile in his voice as I continued to run. I winced as I dispatched the hand from my mouth and felt the air rush into the cut sparking my nerves again. I  stumbled over my feet and fell with a thud on the cold ground feeling soggy leaves fill my mouth and mud plastered on my face. I heard his foot steps get closer as I struggled to stand up and run but my body wouldn’t move, I could see the figure hovering above me.

“Who are you.” I barely croaked out feeling tire wash through my body. I saw gleaming teeth sparkle as his eyes reflected the innocent pearl white moon.

“I am Shadow Morticia.” He said before his laughter invaded my ear.

Beads of sweat that had formed on my head started slide down my temple as I flung my duvet off me. I shuddered at how vivid my dream was as I wiped the sweat of my face.  A flash of dark velvet red caught my eye, a line of dried up blood crept from the gap between my index finger and my middle finger all the way to the bottom of my palm.  I studied my hand as the blood started to surface from under my skin, I felt a soft pricking pain.  I felt my mind go blank as I sat still in horror. This couldn’t be happening, no it can’t. The cut was probably from material tech when we were making letter boxes. Yeah that’s it, I must have cut myself with a razor blade at tech, I tried to convince myself and calm my fears. After finally buying my excuse I lay lifelessly on the bed thinking about my dream. I could almost hear a faint whisper chanting… Nathaniel De Luke , Nathaniel De Luke…. I’m going to get you. I let my eyelids close as I tried to drift away from this world. I could tell that I was half asleep as I smelt sweetness filled my nose. It was over powering, I craved something and I didn’t know what it was.  The lust for that something grew bigger and bigger as I opened my eyes and walked over to the door.  I turned the door knob and walked out running down the stairs to see my mum reading the news paper with her coffee.

“What did you just eat?” I demanded as the  smell started to be the only thing I cared about. I saw my mum face flicker with confusion as she stared at me.

“Nothing, just coffee.” She said before lowering her lips to sip at the hot steaming cup.  Her face was still filled with confusion as she asked me in a soft caring tone.

“Oh, Nate did you get into a fight?”  This time my face was filled with confusion as I gave her an odd look. She slowly shook her head and smiled lightly.

“You’ve got thin cuts covering you cheeks and your forehead.” She answered before reading her paper again. I sprinted up the stairs and ran into the bathroom.  Saw my black hazel brown streaked hair fall across my face as my eyes widen.  Scratches were placed on my face generously as I recalled my dream. I remembered running through the forest.  My midnight black eyes with shards of chestnut brown that matched my hair stared back at me. As I turned the tap on to wash my face I felt my flesh ripping apart, the scab that held the blood locked inside tear open. The lust began to rush up my nose again but this time stronger then ever. With the door close  the sweet smell was trapped in the room. I remembered how in my dream I had sucked the blood from my hand, slowly lifting my hands towards my mouth and placed my lips on the cut.  I could taste sugar that traced in m blood as I felt pleasure fill every single bit of my body. My eyelids fluttered quickly opened and closed as I got lost in the satisfaction I got from blood. Finally after my craving for blood was lighter and I could no longer smell the blood against my skin I drew my hand away from my mouth. I looked back in the mirror and saw my eyes. My pupils were massive nearly covering all the colour left in my eyes but as I inspected it closely I could see a tint of a maroon red on the rims of my pupil and the faintest glint of lust that was getting lost as I stopped wanting to feel and taste the bitter goodness slither down my throat.

Next day. At school.

The words to cellar door by escape the fate echoed into my ears as I copied down the boring notes from todays science lesson. Nodding my head to the rhythm and slowly closing my eyes I started to relax a little. I started to forget about all the troubles in my life. I breathed out the lyrics silently as my mind went blank. Then all of a sudden the smell crept up my nose and the lust for blood was stronger then ever. My eyes flew open as I scanned around for the glittering red liquid, as my eyes flickered from person to person I saw a guy with creamy blonde hair staring at me. I could see the blood seeping out of his wrist as his eyes dared me to go over. I probably would’ve if I my body didn’t flinch every time I looked at him; he squeezed his wrist making the deadly poison flow more freely.  Even through my head phones I could hear each drop of blood as it crashed onto the floor. The song seemed to fade into the background as I focused more on the rose red rain falling from his arm. Drip, drip, drip.  I could imagine standing up and carefully walking over to the guy, grabbing his wrist and selfishly drinking the blood from it.  I could feel the world spinning and my head throbbing in frustration. I wanted blood so badly, I needed it.  I screeched the chair backwards receiving weird looks from my classmates; I walked out the door and glided towards the toilet. Locking the door behind me I grabbed the knife from my pocket. I carefully pressed the sharp point against my bare skin, putting a little more pressure on it I started dragging the knife from one end of my wrist to the other. I watched in admiration as the blood started pricking to the surface. My tongue skittered across my skin as I could just barely taste it.  I kept sucking on my wrist not wanting to ever stop drinking the blood. I wanted the moment to last forever, just me and my blood. Since my craving for it wasn’t as strong as before I could hear the music starting to make its way back to my ears but I ignored it continuing what I was doing. I could feel my head getting light and my breaths started getting desperate. My face was covered in red and I refused to let go of my wrist and take a few breaths. I could feel the world getting blurry and the words of the song getting fainter.

I felt my knees smashing to the ground as I banged my head against the door, the world seemed so much happier when I drank blood. It was more peaceful and happy, it was my key to happiness but happiness always came with a price and soon I was going to find out what that price was.

Bright lights surrounded me as I awoke from my sleep. I could hear soft whispers crowding up the room. Peeling my eyes open I saw my mum sitting next to me in a pink summer dress while my dad stood by the door way talking quietly to what looked like a doctor. I lifted my arms and propped myself upwards using my elbows.

“Honey, take it easy.” My mum’s caring voice ordered me. I saw tubes with the sparkly red magic flowing towards my body. I tried to remember what I had done to get me here, then I slowly recalled leaving the classroom and drinking blood from myself.

“Nate, you lost a lot of blood earlier this day and we would like you to stay here for a few days so that we know that it’s perfectly safe for you to go home.” The doctor said flatly. His black hair was slicked back with gel and he looked quite young. I nodded, my parents soon left around 7ish saying that they would be back to check up on me tomorrow.  A few minutes after they left I could hear soft shuffling of feet and my back instantly stiffened. My instincts told me to get out of this bed and run but my body had a different idea. A figured appeared at the door casting a grey cold shadow across my face. Shadow, I thought to myself. My body turned cold as I saw him start smiling, I remembered those bleached white teeth from my dream as I bit hard on my cheek.

“Remember me, Nathaniel?” I heard his voice slither its way to me through the darkness. I cringed at the familiarity of his voice. He took several steps closer and I could just see his eyes. They were a pale blue mixed in with teardrops silver that seem to reflect hell. They glared into me burning holes into my soul. I saw a whisper of green angrily circling his pupil’s eyes as they stared at me.  I could hear his heavy breathing once more and I knew this time it wasn’t a dream and that I wasn’t about to wake up. I shut my eyes in fear waiting for the pain that awaited me but I felt nothing. I opened my eyes and saw that he was gone, I sighed relieved until I noticed a pair of grey eyes carefully watching me from the door way. The person flicked on the light switch and I saw the guy from my science class. His face looked glum as he searched my eyes.

“He’s gone… For now.” He barely stage whispered before flipping the switch of again and walking out. Leaving me in the darkness to choke on my own fear, hoping it kills me before someone else did. Someone like Shadow Morticia.

The End.