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4 of the best places to advertise your PBEM game

archery target I’ve written so many times before about the benefits of advertising your game. If you want people to join, you have to make yourself known. I’ve ever written a list just like this before, but it’s quite old now. So here’s some other websites & services where you can advertise for new members:


A mahoosive forum and social network for roleplayers. Mostly forum roleplayers. This place is so active that it actually scared me away for a long time, but that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Go there, get chatting to other roleplayers, and introduce them to your game (nicely of course, don’t spam!)

2. PBEM2

I recorded this video about how to use a while ago. It hasn’t changed recently, so it should still be correct:

 3 & 4. Facebook & Twitter

Seriously, use social networks to your advantage. FInd people with similar interests to you, and ask if they’d like to join your game. I’ve written about this before, so instead of repeating myself read these articles: