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7 Great Places to Advertise Your PBEM or Roleplaying Game

Billboard that says join my play-by-post game

We’ve posted several articles over the years on how and where to advertise your games:

However as most things do, websites and resources come and go. Given that our most recent article on the topic is now over 4 years old, we thought it would be a good time to provide an update. Here are 7 areas to think about when it comes to advertising and promoting your games:

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Hey-o Ongoing Worlds! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Don’t answer that, we’re not actually talking and you talking to a screen with no reply really isn’t flattering. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. The beacons are lit and I do call for aid! YOUR AID! Why? BECAUSE THE CHAT BOX NEEDS OUR HELP! Read More


Help our community grow by doing this one simple thing

just one like can make a difference

The more members in our community, the more people there are to join your games, which is one of the most difficult things for new games, getting members.

Luckily it’s not that difficult to advertise your game, there’s plenty of places to get people to notice your game, one is Facebook. We just need a little help.

Our Facebook page has thousands of followers, and we post links to our blog articles fairly often. but our messages are only shown to a percentage of those followers. That’s because Facebook prioritises posts that are “popular,” which means getting a lot of likes and shares. So the more people that like and share the post, the more Facebook will show it to people.

Help us by sharing and liking our blog articles!

Yep it’s as simple as just clicking ‘like’ on new articles we post. Other things you can do is share articles, and comment on them. It helps Facebook know it’s more popular and will show it to more people it thinks will be interested.

These articles are written by individuals in our community, so it’ll also make them happier that people like it 🙂

Click here to go to our Facebook page, click like, and make sure you share as many as you can.

Also retweet!

We’re on Twitter, so click here and retweet as many of our articles as you can. Make sure to do this regularly, it’ll then help our articles be seen by more people.

Just doing these quick things will have a big impact on how many people know about OngoingWorlds, and therefore the amount of people who might join your game.


4 of the best places to advertise your PBEM game

archery target I’ve written so many times before about the benefits of advertising your game. If you want people to join, you have to make yourself known. I’ve ever written a list just like this before, but it’s quite old now. So here’s some other websites & services where you can advertise for new members: Read More


Ongoing Worlds 2015 Feedback Survey *Please Read! Important For The Site!*

header_monster_homeSo we’re now a few months into the year and already Ongoing Worlds has been subject to a lot of new improvements and changes! What is more important though is how well they work, more over, the how well it works for the large community. Which is why we are encouraging each and ever member to take just a couple of minutes out of your day to let us know what you think about the site and what you want on the site! *It is very much appreciated by the Admins!* Read More


Ask the Admins Q&A

Raised-handsWonder how we do our jobs? Wonder who we actually are? Whether we’re robots,human hybrids, or aliens? What we like to do in our spare time or just general boring questions? Is Dave really a tea powered robot? Well! Now you can!  Read More


Sharing is caring – A guide to make your updates more visible on Facebook

just one like can make a difference

Some of you reading this have a Facebook page for your roleplaying game. Great! Facebook is a good way to get people to notice your game. But even if your page has loads of followers, your updates probably won’t get seen by all of them. Read More


Don’t keep your game a secret

keeping your rp a secret

I know advertising is horrible. I know it’s a ball-ache. I know it’s horrible being advertised AT. But it doesn’t have to be, it’s just about letting people know what they want to know. Read More


Need new members? – Don’t Forget Your Friends

Friends can be roleplayers too

The wait can be unbearable. It can be a year or a week. But however long we have to wait for the next episode of our favorite series, we can’t wait for that day to come (or year, though that can test our patience; we’re looking at you, Sherlock!). But then we have the inevitable problem: have our friends watched it yet? Why does that matter to us? Because we like sharing things that interest us with the people we care about.

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Official Ongoing Worlds TF2 Server Coming Soon!

OWPromo2 Hey guys! Tib here. I was a little busy today preparing something new for us OW members. Today, the official Ongoing Worlds Private Team Fortress 2 server took it’s baby steps today! Now the server is “made” but it is not finished. The features of the server include the default TF2 game modes such as Control Points, Attack/Defend, Payload, and Capture the Flag. A circulation of the popular TF2 maps such as Dustbowl, Steel, Hoodoo, Thunder Mountain, and DeGroot Keep. Read More