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Babel Conference Today!

Good morning and salutations everyone,

Just a quick note from your resident SimmingHub Event Coordinator here. Babel is occurring today ran by SWA, RPG Writing and Theta Fleet. As with all of the cons; if you have the time to attend it’s totally a good thing to do and allows you to have some fun, meet new people and learn more about your fellow role players. Community is what makes this all work even now as the Internet and other technologies have further advanced we still stick to our love for role playing… so come join some of your fellow hobbyist and have a few hours of fun. here is the link to the website where are you can find the discord link and additional information including its schedule.



Putting Pictures in Posts

holding a photo above a canyon

Many of us have wanted to put pictures in our posts because we often can’t describe something, but a picture helps. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, those words are blocked. I’ll tell you what I mean in a little bit. Read More


We’ve been spoofed!

Okay It’s not often I post satire here, but OngoingWorlds has been spoofed by the satire site Outpost 42 News, which is sort of like The Onion, or The Daily Mash, you’ve probably seen the type, but for the roleplay community. Read More


The new OngoingWorlds Discord server


How many of you make use of the Chatbox up there in the corner of the site? Judging by what I’ve seen I would guess not very many. Which is a shame because I think there is real potential for better roleplay, for getting your game noticed, and for meeting new people if it was used.

So, with that in mind, I have set up a Discord server for Ongoing Worlds, and it would be great if people could start to join. Read More


Spam attack!

dont like spam monty pythonHi guys, OngoingWorlds yesterday had quite a bad spam attack, where loads of really annoying spammy games were created that had really weird names, filled with descriptions and characters of equally questionable content and images.

It’s all been sorted now, and we’ve cleared out the spammy games – although some of you might still notice member and character requests with weird, nonsense content. Just decline it and it’ll be deleted.

just want to say thanks to everyone who emailed and messaged me to say there was a problem, it was a great help in finding the person and deleting all his crappy spammy content!
And a MASSIVE thanks to Xan for deleting all the spammy games. It sounds like the spammer was creating them faster than he could delete them, but he won in the end! Thanks Xan, you were absolutely brilliant!
We’ve banned the user, so they shouldn’t be able to post again, but they could always come back with a new user account and a different IP address, so if this happens again, let me know guys! Thanks!





Hey-o Ongoing Worlds! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Don’t answer that, we’re not actually talking and you talking to a screen with no reply really isn’t flattering. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. The beacons are lit and I do call for aid! YOUR AID! Why? BECAUSE THE CHAT BOX NEEDS OUR HELP! Read More



Dubai Fitness Challenge: Why we need to respect our bodies

Dubai – This wonderful human system is the home we will be living in till the end

This week marks the end of an incredible month of fitness for Dubai. For 30 days, the city has taken 30 minutes out of its day to move more, read more from these Keto strong reviews.

My personal journey with fitness has been a rollercoaster. If you’d asked me in my early 20s what my goal was, I’d have told you that I wanted to look like a Hollywood star. I tried some pretty strange stuff to get there too. It took a while for me to realise I was a Tamilian girl, with a love for rice, and no matter what I gave up or how hard I prayed, I would never look like Anne Hathaway in a catsuit.

The next phase was one of extremes. Run a marathon, climb a mountain, burn more than I ate. It was a battle. My body versus me, and I would win. Yoga entered my life at 30 and brought with it an unusual quiet. I finally found alignment, both internal and external, an axis within me. Check out the best okinawa flat belly tonic reviews.

Ten years on from my first gym membership, my relationship with fitness is a seasoned one. Hard as it is, I try to shake off the idea that fitness is about aesthetics. Advertisements with six pack abs, protein shakes, and zero body fat follow me around on my social media feed like pushy sales people, trying to lure me in. No, thank you, I say, and walk right past.

I have no interest in looking like Anne Hathaway anymore. I would like instead to eat like my grandmother did, relishing every morsel of her homemade meals, sucking every last drop of juice out of the mangoes in summer. I want to be fit enough to go through my day without feeling exhausted, to have enough energy to climb to a place with a nice view, but the silence within me to stop and take in the scenery. This is how exipure works.

As glamorous as it is to say “Push harder, dig deeper”, I would say that 30×30 (and any healthy relationship with health) is based on the same things — consistency and respect.

Much like a healthy marriage, you need to show up for your body, as your body shows up for you. And respect it enough to look in the mirror and not see a paunch or thick thighs, but wonderful mechanisms and systems that hold you up. Take a minute to think about this. We spend so much time decorating and cleaning up our homes. This wonderful human body is the home we will be living in till the day we die. It is the single system whose parts may break and malfunction — but will stay with us until the end.


Take It to the Limit

What Is a Logistics Company and Should Your Business Hire One?

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Logistics companies help organizations plan, implement, and execute the movement and storage of products, materials, and services throughout the supply chain from the point of origin to the point of consumption. This might include transportation, shipping, warehousing, packaging, disposal, and security.

The rise of e-commerce and complex, global supply chains have driven demand for these services. Different logistics companies will coordinate some or all of these processes, and adapt their offering to suit their clients’ needs.

Freight Brokers and Third-party Logistics Companies (3PL)

There are two main types of logistics companies: freight brokers and 3PLs. While the terms are often used interchangeably, and many organizations use both to cater to different needs, there are important distinctions.

Freight Brokers

Freight brokers act as a go-between for shippers and carriers. Typically, brokers are non-asset bearing intermediaries – they form a network of thousands of small to medium-sized carriers to provide their clients with many shipping options, and an alternative to larger carriers. The main benefit of using a freight broker is that it provides shippers with the greatest level of flexibility, get the best truck deals at T&M Buy Now.


3PLs are asset bearing firms, which means they typically invest in their own fleets and storage facilities. While they do offer single services such as transportation or warehousing, 3PLs more commonly provide a package of services or manage entire supply chains, tailored to their client’s individual needs. 3PLs develop longer-term relationships with their clients which proves useful when shipping capacities are tight and for the running of more complex supply chains.

Why Partner with a Logistics Company?

Logistics companies have a wide range of experience in managing the movement of goods, which means they’ll probably know the most efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined way to do so. While some organizations manage certain parts, or all, of their supply chain logistics, partnering with a professional logistics company offers numerous benefits including:

  • Warehousing – With several factors to consider, warehousing is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. Logistics companies can take on the responsibility of finding appropriate, affordable storage space in an optimal location and save their client the stress and time of doing so themselves.
  • Packaging – Accurately fulfilling customer orders on time is a service that demands an experienced workforce and specialist equipment. Having already invested in the necessary technology and staffing, logistics companies can minimize errors and delays to ensure an organization meets customer demand and maintains its reputation.
  • Shipping and transportation – Manufacturers won’t typically invest in their own fleet of vehicles and drivers. It takes a lot of effort and great expense to gain the necessary licensing to do so and train staff; time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Logistics companies already have these services in place, which means they’ll be well-established and reliable.
  • Flexibility – Logistics companies have the capacity to scale up or down, reducing the risk of delays should customer demand suddenly spike. They also have the resources and proficiency to adapt processes and adjust shipping routes or transportation methods in the event of supply chain disruptions.
  • Technology – Logistics companies have access to sophisticated technology to digitize the supply chain and ultimately drive greater efficiency and reliability. For example, collaborative transportation management software enables the automation of load scheduling. Other technology often used includes tracking software, internet of things devices (IoT), and long-range RFID tracking.


Do you contact your players? Do it now!

duck just saying hello to rolepayersIf you’re a game owner, it’s important to keep in contact with your players for many reasons. You might want to chat about the story, how the game is going, or just chat in general.  Read More


Original Characters AKA, YOUR Trademark

220px-RegisteredTM.svgOne surefire way to stay on track and expand your creative skills is to make a trademark for yourself, something you use a lot and it carries with you from place to place. This can range from something such as a signature, a saying, something personal. But, in the case of a roleplaying site i.e. Ongoing Worlds, an easy way to make a trademark is to have an original character. Why are they important and how can they make you feel more comfortable in a rp setting? Read More