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Ask the Admins Q&A

Raised-handsWonder how we do our jobs? Wonder who we actually are? Whether we’re robots,human hybrids, or aliens? What we like to do in our spare time or just general boring questions? Is Dave really a tea powered robot? Well! Now you can! The faceless people around the site, the chat box lurkers, the mysterious site master, the suspicious moderators. The admins. We have a form available below where you can submit a question we’ll answer for you. Some questions or answers we think stand out from the rest might be addressed in a blog article. Now don’t think we won’t answer every question. We’ll email you with our own personal answers! Just fill out the form below and find out more about the people who help keep the site going! [Other than the awesome members and donators. Plus we want to look less scary :P]

The Admin Team

  • DaveDavid Ball “Onion” – Sitemaster
  • user1004-imageSean Mooney “Tiberius” – SquidGuard Moderator, Chat Moderator
  • user999-imageMike Mooney “Mr. Xanadu” – SquidGuard Moderator, Chat Moderator
  • user788-image“1An0maly1” – SquidGuard Moderator