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The importance of having a game website

This article was written for us by a member from one of our fantasy games.

building a website

Game websites are important. Even if you do not know how to script, it is in your best interests to make one.

A website for your game provides information to newcomers. When they join your game, they would have no idea what us going on or how to play! A website would provide that for them. If they contact you by email, just send them a link of your website. In my game, Fairy Tail Reborn, the website I made(with coding) provides the current story and how to play, what happens, etc, in a full interactive and kid-friendly GUI.

Same goes for the Blue Dwarf website. When I looked at the Blue Dwarf game, I didn’t know what it was about, but the amazing website David made completely informed me about what was happening.

Also, creating a website for your game gives it a ‘professional’ look. When people see you have a website for your game, they think: “Oh, this is a nice game! If the maker went as far as to make a website for it, that means the game has value!”

Yes, having a website makes you proud, and inspires others to join your game! It shows that you, the game maker, is deep into the game, and likes it and has so much future plans for it that they considered making a website!

Now, all this sounds good, but what if you do not know how to script html and CSS to make your website? Is it hopeless for you? Of course not!

You can either use weebly, or wix, or another website making website, (the irony….), or you can ask people who know how to code a website to make one for you!

Now you know that making a website is in your best interests, whether for the fun of it, to make your game look professional or to inform future members of you game.

Well, this concludes my first blog writing ever. Thank you OngoingWorlds communitiy!