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Big Ideas Week – Preview

With their ‘Big Ideas Week’ just around the corner (beginning Feb 20th), the website SciFi Ideas have released a preview of their upcoming content. They’re hoping that it will inspire writers to share some of their ideas.

Here’s a snippet of one of the many science fiction ideas that SciFi Ideas will be sharing during Big Ideas Week…

The memories of celebrities are available for public download.

John Turner is an internet sensation. His first marriage was a best-seller and over 2 million people subscribe to his daily live feed. But when a false memory is implanted into his feed, the memory of a murder being committed, John finds himself on the run.

John must prove his innocence. But with the police watching his every move, as his experiences are transmitted directly from his brain, a two minute delay in transmission is his only advantage. That and his millions of loyal fans.

Also coming up in Big Ideas Week…

  • Story Idea: The Reserve – A complete story synopsis using one of our ‘planet profiles’ as the setting.
  • Alien Profile: The Eldir – An original alien species native to the planet Aegir.
  • Planet Profile: Aegir – Another SciFi Ideas original – the homeworld of the Eldir species.
  • 10 Ideas for a ‘Colonization’ Story
  • 10 Ideas for a Cyberpunk Story

…and much more.

What is Big Ideas Week?

In case you missed our previous post, here’s a quick reminder of what Big Ideas Week is all about…

SciFi Ideas is all about the free exchange of ideas. ‘Big Ideas Week’ asks our readers to share in that exchange by contributing some of their own ideas. Throughout the week, we’ll be adding lots of new science fiction ideas to the site, and we’re hoping to add some of yours too.

Everybody has at least one great story in them, but most go to waste. If you aren’t going to use your ideas, why not share them with the world?

Contribute to Big Ideas Week

If you have an idea you’d like to share with the world, Big Ideas Week is the perfect time to do it. Whether it’s a story idea, an alien race or a world from your imagination, SciFi Ideas wants to know about it.

Contributing to Big Ideas Week couldn’t be easier. Just check their submission guidelines and email your idea to them. Alternatively, you can add smaller ideas to their Facebook page. You’ll be fully credited for your idea, and they’ll let you post a promotional link alongside your idea, making this an ideal opportunity to promote your game.

Big Ideas Week begins February 20th on the SciFi Ideas website ( – I’ll see you all there!