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Week Two, SB118 Writing Improvement Month

UFOP Starbase118 Writing Improvement Month 2013It’s been another amazing week during the UFOP: Starbase 118 Writing Improvement Month. We really enjoyed the Spreecast video chat with award winning author Lev Grossman, who came to speak with us about all things having to do with writing. The best part was getting to ask him questions of our own, and having him answer us candidly with information we can use to improve our own writing skills.

And Mister Grossman was only the first of many such Spreecast events we have planned for the last bit of the month. Join us this weekend, on Saturday the 23rd, at 3pm EST (12pm PST, 8pm GMT), when Starbase 118 welcomes Star Trek author David R George III who will be sharing his insight on characterization! Come join us and bring your questions. On Sunday the 24th, again at 3pm EST, (12pm PST, 8pm GMT) we welcome another award winning author, Melinda Snodgrass, who has written episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation! Much like the event on Saturday, you will be able to ask those burning questions and get real world answers from this amazing author!

Last week’s theme was scene setting and descriptive writing. To help writers and our simmers out, members of the command staff compiled advice to help authors as they write their own scenes and bring their own events to life. First, we took a look at setting the scene itself, with this tutorial on how to create an amazing backdrop in which you and your fellow players can explore and thrive.

Then, we took a look at how to expand our writing so that we could add a bit of magic and bring it to life. The Dialogue trap is one that is often seen in roleplaying. But dialogue alone does not make a good post. To balance it out, we must add something more, making a post engaging and something that both inspires others to write as well as bringing the entire plot to a level that might have been only previously imagined.

Don’t forget the open writing challenge that Starbase 118 is holding this month either! Open to anyone, from any Fleet or Club, the writing challenge will give writers a chance to put to use some of the skills they are honing throughout the month. The best part about this challenge is that there is prize for the winner!

The month is almost over, but there’s plenty more to see. Come join us for any of these events and more, all found here:!