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20th Anniversary Week for FSF

Resistance is futile The Federation Sim Fleet is celebrating 20 years of providing quality simming and role playing. To kick off our exciting week of simming celebration, they’ll have Hosts in our IRC chatroom #FSF, which are volunteering to hold open chats, sims and trivias! The chatroom will be staffed every day from Sunday, March 3rd through Saturday March 9th, starting at Noon Eastern time and will have someone in there until late evening.

The main event will be held on Saturday, March 9th as several long time members come together to roast the founder of FSF, Adm Shuni. The meet and greet will start at 7pm ET and the Roast of Shuni will start at 8pm. An after party will be held at 9pm, for anyone wanting to hang around and chat after the roast.

Please join us during these week long series of events as we say, “Happy 20th Anniversary!” to the FSF.