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All good things – 10 years of USS Providence

The USS Providence

This article was written by FSF Josh. The phrase “All good things must come to an end” resonates with many Star Trek fans. That was a key line and the title theme of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s final episode. For many fans, that held true. The series had developed into a mature science fiction show that in many ways eclipsed the original show from the 60’s. Its 7 year span had brought many adventures to the screen for fans to enjoy. Read More


20th Anniversary Week for FSF

Resistance is futile The Federation Sim Fleet is celebrating 20 years of providing quality simming and role playing. To kick off our exciting week of simming celebration, they’ll have Hosts in our IRC chatroom #FSF, which are volunteering to hold open chats, sims and trivias! The chatroom will be staffed every day from Sunday, March 3rd through Saturday March 9th, starting at Noon Eastern time and will have someone in there until late evening. Read More


USS Providence, a chat-based sim

USS ProvidenceContinuing our theme of Star Trek sims (we’ll stop and cover a different genre soon, I promise!) here’s an interview with Josh from USS Providence, part of the FSF (Federation Sim Fleet). Fleets seem very popular with Star Trek sims, it’s easy to unite games when they stare the same theme and same universe. Like I’ve already mentioned in the article about Star Trek Freedom, the sense of community in fleets can make it a great experience, which is probably why many Star Trek sims seem to have existed for a very long time.

The USS Providence sim began February 22nd, 2003. It has run continuously since then. I chatted with Josh Hrach, who is the GM for the USS Providence. Read More