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Out of the dungeon – Monthly game summary

Here’s the first monthly game summary of 4 of the best games on OngoingWorlds, written by Dan

SLIDERS: In an experiment to cross into parallel universes where it is the same year and location Tim has found himself in a world where it appears that computers were never fully developed and technological progress seems to have halted. Can he find out why?

Roleplaying game - The time tunnelTIME TUNNEL: A time travel experiment went wrong dragging Tom Swift and a number of others from their own time and moving them randomly into the past and future. After helping to ensure the moon landing was a success the group have found themselves in Chicago in 1869 at the opening of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Call of CthuluCALL OF CTHULU: After being hired to find a missing person it appears more likely that a cult may be involved in the disappearance. Following up one lead the party found a man, killed bh drowning in saltwater although none of his clothes are wet and he was some miles from the sea. To further complicate matters it appears the boy’s mother may be heavily involved in the man’s murder.

Dungeons & dragons play-by-post roleplayDUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: After putting the killer of a fortune teller to rest, the party were hired to bring back deserters from the city guard. Investigating they discovered that a shop selling meat was merely a front for murder and cannibalism. Now they have been tasked with helping out an ambassador, a task where diplomacy may be of more use than brute force.