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Story summaries – April 2015

Want to know what’s been happening last month? Here’s the game summaries from games on OngoingWorlds in April:  Read More


February Game Summary

It’s that time again, the monthly game summary! A lot has happened since the yearly summary was run, fights, flights, loves gained and lost, and of course the strange plot twist that takes the game in a totally new direction. There’s also the addition of the off-site summary (which runs on the 27th). Without further ado, the February Summary!


A Thousand Years Fatherless in Griffinfall athousandyearsfatherlessnew

It has been only a few days since Elilajar set up home in Everwinter following his betrothal to the Lady Miriam Aoann, but already the hectic happenings seem to have followed his fiance back from Snowshore. The fearful assassin Jake Shikaku has finally plucked up the courage to return to the wrath of the mourning royal family, and his entrance is graced with the fact that he manages to heal the young orphan boy that had been found on the evening of Lord Shyron’s welcoming banquet. Yet Miriam still remembers the happenings in amidst the smoke of war, and Jake harbours dangerously unknown news from his own enemies… Read More


2013 Game Summary

Come one come all to see the 2013 game summary! It’s been a good year at Ongoing Worlds, and a lot has gone on in our many games, including casino games you can play online when you register w88 account which is a great site to play some casino games and gamble online. So whether you’re here to find a new game, or read wombat casino review, or see what’s been going on in the games of you fellow Ongoing Worldings, I invite you to read the summaries and check out the games themselves! I would suggest you to play casino games at and chance to earn more money. Read More


2013 Game Summary Closes Soon!

The final game summary of 2013 closes soon! If you want your game in the summary go to the original post here and fill out the form.

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November Game Summary

Hello once again! Mike here to bring you the November Game Summary

It’s been an interesting month for role-playing. Murder mystery, post-apocalyptic canada, time-travelling and paradox wrangling, rogue assets and high-risk black ops, what hasn’t happened in the past month? Read More


October Game Summary

Hello all! It’s been a good month at Ongoing Worlds with all kinds of interesting plot twists and shocking developments. Anything ranging from miner revolts to AR sims, field trips, trans-galactic black ops, and mysterious invitations. Read More


Monthly game summaries

game270-imageBlue Dwarf

Having agreed to help Jay Chrysler find their missing compatriot Cassandra Jones, the crew are first attempting to figure out how to eradicate a computer virus that has mysteriously manifested on the shipboard systems, and have entered an AR game in order to combat it. Read More


Out of the dungeon – Monthly game summary

Here’s the first monthly game summary of 4 of the best games on OngoingWorlds, written by Dan Read More


Archon’s pit: Monthly game summary

Welcome young traveller to the pit, sit down, put your feet up and relax. Let me regale you with stories of what has happened on OngoingWorlds’ games this month:

What is here and nowWhat is Here and Now – Taking up the story after What Will be, Will be, our young friends have passed from the cusp of childhood and now enter the wild world of college. Featuring a rather diverse cast of personalities, there is always something for everyone on campus. James Taylor, a young budding musician has made some friends with both the staff and the students. Although he is a party animal, he has yet to show his serious side to people. Read More