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November Game Summary

Hello once again! Mike here to bring you the November Game Summary

It’s been an interesting month for role-playing. Murder mystery, post-apocalyptic canada, time-travelling and paradox wrangling, rogue assets and high-risk black ops, what hasn’t happened in the past month?

I’d also like to wish Spellbound a happy 2nd birthday! Congratulations guys, here’s to more years of magic!

Now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the November Game Summary!


A Thousand Years Fatherless in Griffinfall


Magnus Henderson is desperately fretting about his daughter’s location, while Princess Joanna’s birthday approaches, and she becomes maddened, along with her daughter, at the incompetence of their newest handmaiden, Lisa Flare, an apprenticing witch at the nearby Everwinter Academy. Meanwhile, Anyu Satta has returned to the holdings of King Jacob’s palace, unannounced and unwanted.


Blue Dwarf


Following the eradication of the alien virus infecting the shipboard systems, the crew of the Blue Dwarf are still reeling from the casualties the group suffered in AR. With the time drive having inexplicably turned up in a box of toy building blocks, the crew have travelled back in time to find Cassandra who, they hope, will be able assist in restoring Jaxx’s consciousness, currently trapped in a skutter, back into his brain damaged body




Operation: Silent Guardian is underway. Xeltan Crossi and Millia DeRych are undercover in the Peacekeeper Corps security unit protecting the Alliance delegation. Newly promoted officer Jackson Beckett and Johnathon Hudson set out to tap into the enemy communications array. Isocrates and Group 1 descend into the city to investigate several suspicious groups. Meanwhile, Director Donald Harris attempts to track Endar, who has gone rogue.




The High King Sacro has sent The Fellowship down river to Giz Pass, where they hope to pass under the Sharbox Mountains and into The Elven Empire of Elron. They seek an audience with the Mad Emperor Golin, requesting his aid against the mysterious dark forces that are sweeping the land.



The Murder Gamethemurdergame

Our lovely students are currently enjoying a “fun” murder mystery as they search for the student known as Louis, a suspect in the murder of teacher: Ms. Dela. He is currently missing, and the students are fearing that he is dead as well. They need to find Louis, before the game finds him.



The Five Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Bloodthefiveelements

Melia is hunting for the person who just burned her house down and she was traveling with the Fae named Irael, but now he has left he to follow his own path. Meanwhile two of our characters are enjoying a fairly normal school life. Our newest character is experiencing a Fae encounter, while Winston is climbing up a cliff, and Erith is having a rough time. Lorcan is doing nothing, and Brinson is going against the rebels. Post-apocalyptic Canada is nice…



November is a special time for Spellbound, it’s our two year anniversary! Expect some magic going around the Ongoing Worlds website as well as our writing competition, to which there’s a very special prize involved!



Alright guys, there’s your November Game summary! Make sure to submit your game for the December summary, starting November 25th and ending December 2nd. The regular schedule for game summaries intersects with the holidays (the start date for the summaries lands on Christmas) and I for one don’t want to be handling this during the holidays! I’ll re-work the schedule and post it soon. Make sure you submit your summaries and, as Tiberius puts it, Keep Ongoing!