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Archon’s pit: Monthly game summary

Welcome young traveller to the pit, sit down, put your feet up and relax. Let me regale you with stories of what has happened on OngoingWorlds’ games this month:

What is here and nowWhat is Here and Now – Taking up the story after What Will be, Will be, our young friends have passed from the cusp of childhood and now enter the wild world of college. Featuring a rather diverse cast of personalities, there is always something for everyone on campus. James Taylor, a young budding musician has made some friends with both the staff and the students. Although he is a party animal, he has yet to show his serious side to people.

Roleplaying game - Castle of the Sea

Castle by the Sea – Set in the Mystical Kingdom of Mortia, there is a castle by the sea. Strange and wonderful creatures abound the great halls, and they enjoy the fruits of the kingdom but a dark shadow has cast its darkness of the land, and foul creatures are now out to sack this wonderful kingdom of its treasures. Ordaleth, the shadowy master of information has just learned of a potential attack and is gathering a group of brave souls to combat this threat.

The WarrenThe Warren – A dirty medieval slum where life is cheap, and everyone has a price. Dark betrayals have led to General Beatrix falling victim to a mysterious poison now ravaging through her system. Jack Patches, a former soldier under her command, brought her to the house of the famous healer Caedmon as they race against time to save her and find out who is behind the evil plot.

Roleplaying game - The time tunnelThe Time Tunnel – During an experiment in time travel, Tom Swift was thrown into the past where he was joined by a diverse group of folk. Recently they fought with a bunch of pirates in the Caribbean to save their kidnapped friends. Now they are in a race against time, as forces beyond control put a danger to the Moon Landing.

Call of CthuluCall of Cthulu – What started as a mysterious kidnapping, now has evolved to murder as a secretive cult tries to thwart the efforts of our heroes. The group is now investigating the murder of a young man somehow linked to the disappearances.


roleplaying game - heartfallHeartfall – A world of epic fantasy, where anything and everything is possible. After breaking into a prison to rescue his friend, the young knight turned vampire Xavier, liberated a group of heroes as well. Finally escaping the dark halls of the dungeon, they now pause to lick their wounds and decide which way their adventure would take them.

SpellboundSpellbound – Everyone’s favorite school of magic is now open for another school year, what surprises await this years batch of promising hopefuls? Stay tuned and find out.


Ah and yet that is not all but it would do for now. Until next time, may you always find water and shade.

This blog article was written by Archon Xris, member of all the games above