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game270-imageBlue Dwarf

Having agreed to help Jay Chrysler find their missing compatriot Cassandra Jones, the crew are first attempting to figure out how to eradicate a computer virus that has mysteriously manifested on the shipboard systems, and have entered an AR game in order to combat it.


The day of the School Trip has arrived. Professor Coo is looking rather pleased with herself about this year’s excursion.

The natural and healthy response by the students of worry and doubt is well justified!


After a long hiatus due to corruption, the galactic intelligence/policing agency Division-1 sets off to protect the Alliance of United Star Systems from danger. The agents wasted very little time in their first operations…. Agent Xeltan Crossi saved the Alliance capital from a horrific cyber-weapon (and fufilled a personal vendetta). Endar, a relic from Division-1’s past tore up the ship but was ultimately recruited for a field agent position. Endar eventually accompanies Agent Jackson Beckett on a mission to retake a vital Alliance installation from terrorists, with the mission turning into a bloodbath within minutes.


Dungeons & Dragons

While exploring Krull, the party attracted the unwanted attention of a group of gnolls. During the ensuing battle, the gnoll captain inadvertently struck the ship’s emergency transport control, sending the vessel and all on board to another world. As yet, all that is known of this place is that it is called Qevoao, and that the ship is slowly descending toward it.

Game summary writer needed!

We’ve posted game summaries on this blog before, which I think is a good way to keep other roleplayers updated about each game on OngoingWorlds, and to give a handy roundup of the recent story so it’s easier for new players to join. We’ve not posted a summary recently and there’s a vacancy for a featured writer to post a regular article just like this but covering more games – if you’d like to become one of our featured writers, please let me know!