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Story summaries – April 2015

Want to know what’s been happening last month? Here’s the game summaries from games on OngoingWorlds in April: 

Hero High

The all powerful Nikslitslepmur grew bored of the past storyline on earth and decided to reset it to day one. All memory of the past is gone to all but Nikslitslepmur. Now all the students are attending Hero High, while some sinister villains are up to no good. Will they get away with their villainy or will the League of Heroes thwart their madness before it is to late. Visit Hero High.


Therese has just found out that Iron Works may be in danger from Orion and is on her way to warn them while the other Outkast are going about their everyday lives. Will she get there in time or will Iron Works fall into the hands of Orion forever. Only time will tell as the clock keeps ticking. Visit Outkast.

Star Trek: Victory

The Victory Project Team ventures to FR-6, an installation in the sector of the Ildius System known as the Fringe; the former battlegrounds against the Followers of Nero. There, undercover, the team prepares to steal an experimental vessel and the project’s team leader. Visit Star Trek Victory.

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