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October Game Summary

Hello all! It’s been a good month at Ongoing Worlds with all kinds of interesting plot twists and shocking developments. Anything ranging from miner revolts to AR sims, field trips, trans-galactic black ops, and mysterious invitations.

Here’s a summary of what’s been going on in a few of our games this month…..

A Thousands Years Fatherless in Griffinfall

Princess Joanna is deep in mourning from the return of her only daughter to her home.

A Thousand Years Fatherless in Griffinfall

 Henderson has been sent there also, though no-one can seem to find her. Anyu Satta is on her way home to Bronzehaven, while her colleague Hazma Danku weeps for his loss of a greatest friend. Rainbow unicorn is banished.

Blue Dwarf

The Dwarfers successfully defeated the virus in AR, however, at a hefty price. Thomas Plisken was killed during the battle and

Blue Dwarf

Jaxx suffered severe brain damage, and was put into a coma. On top of it all, Cassandra Jones is still missing. However, the Dwarfers gain a new crewmember when the ship of psychotic pilot Boyd Weathers is sucked into the Ramscoop.


A landmark peace conference between the Alliance of United Star Systems and the Onaxi Empire is about to commence. D-1However, a conspiracy involving numerous parties threatens the conference. Division-1 engages in its first Total Op as it deploys all available agents to stop the conspiracy and avoid a full scale galactic war.

Dungeons and Dragons

While exploring Krull, the party attracted the unwanted attention of a group of gnolls. DDDuring the ensuing battle, the gnoll captain inadvertantly struck the ship’s emergency transport control, sending the vessel and all on board to another world. As yet, all that is known of this place is that it is called Qevoao, and that the ship is slowly descending toward it.


Dark forces are sweeping the broken and fractured lands of Oligath, the isolated continent of Heartfall.HF Their origin and purpose are unknown, whole villages dying out in a single night and with now witnesses. The High King Sarco of the Rhiin Kingdom is gathering various warriors and heroes to his Capitol, the city of Aquaria.

The Monster Wars

Vampires roam the land, werewolves hunt wherever, zombies rise, demons are fading away, sirens are soaring above it all, andMW animal/humans hunt in packs while the humans die out. An ice wolf is on a quest, two people try to outrun one’s past, and life is seemingly going on smoothly. But when there is the Monster Wars, nothing is calm.

Nova Lux

The tensions and suspicion start to rise in Lapis-2134. Savis and Blake Ryder have recently discovered the neighbor and fatherNL they thought they knew so dearly might not have been truthful with him lately, Isocrates has been sneaking out to have talks with his friends which is raising their suspicion on him. Along with the tensions and revolution rising, Isocrates and the Lapis-2134 Nova Lux members have been entrusted to break the Nova Lux Leader, Geary O’Donnell, out of prison and to make sure he stays out of the hands of the Nero Mining Company

Pokemon: Broken Dimensions

Two teens lay captive in a cave while just about everyone else seems to be on a rescue mission.PM Some have other objectives than saving these teams and everywhere they go, it seems something more is here to slow them down, much to the annoyance of a feisty Bulbasaur, who has just taken out his anger on a Gym Leader along with a trainer. The consequences may lead to trouble. But then again, things seem to be trouble in these regions.


The Underwater Bus is about to reach Atlantis. SBThe mythical city so famous even the most mundane, non magical people has heard of it. The students are wondering what it will be like? The latest adventures await!


Quite a few active games didn’t make it because the GM’s didn’t send me their summaries. Make sure to keep an eye on cbox and Ongoing Worlds’ facebook page for the announcement! I’ll start accepting submissions for November starting October 30th and the deadline will be November 5th! Save the date and for the love of smeg DO NOT send them to me early! They might get lost! Email all submissions to