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2013 Game Summary

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I’d also like to thank everyone who has sent me submissions, this has turned out to be the biggest game summary yet! I look forward to starting this years summaries, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

So without further ado, here are the summaries!

A Thousand Years Fatherless in Griffinfall athousandyearsfatherlessnew

Lady Embrystical has been hopping from one place to the next recently – Griffinfall to Belport to Everwinter – and bringing trouble with her upon every step. Fallowby has made arrangements to leave for Everwinter, and now has miraculously disappeared, leaving Magnus alone. Anyu has come back to Everwinter, but Hazma still seeks revenge for her, while Lila Pomjeira does her best to make a princess see sense.

Blue Dwarf bluedwarf

The year began rather inauspiciously with an attempted coup aboard the ‘Dwarf by a group of shape-shifting porcine pleasure GELFS, which, through a series of unfortunate events, led to a bad case of luminous priapism amongst the guys.
It was at this point that Jay Chrysler began to succumb to the nanophage virus that he had contracted during a recent mission to rescue his son from the sinister STCP.
With the coup finally put down in an extremely bloody fashion, the surviving GELF’s quickly made peace, but the male members of the crew were left in the uncomfortable position of requiring drugs to cure their priapism, which were only available on a nearby, abandoned military space station
Infiltrating the station, the crew were surprised to find themselves the star contestants in a bizarre alien, reality TV show, in which they had to take part in order to obtain the medical supplies they so desperately needed
Eventually securing the medication, and feeling somewhat frazzled after all their recent adventures, the crew elected to take a bit of a holiday on a nearby habitable planet, but were forced to evacuate the ship following a mutagenic gas leak , and due to EM fields surrounding the planet crash landed, and Jay found, to his relief, that the nanotech virus that had been causing him so many problems had gone into remission
Stranded on the tropical paradise of Fernando’s, and with no technology at their disposal or any hope of rescue, the crew initially struggled to survive, and were only just settling in when Cassandra was abducted and enslaved following an encounter with a group of the planets indigenous sentient creatures
Resolving to rescue their missing compatriot, the crew tracked Cass to an ancient starport, where they eventually managed to instigate a slave rebellion and rescue her, before eventually managing to escape off-planet through a vortex in the EM fields maintained above the starport
Once back aboard the Dwarf, Jay’s nanophage virus returned with a vengeance and he quickly slipped into a coma, leaving the crew scrambling to locate the advanced nanotechnology Cassandra required to effect a cure for him
Of the two nearby locations where this sort of technology might be found, the crew first searched an ancient gas mine orbiting a Jovian world, where they had to endure various sadistic tortures devised by a corrupted backup of Holly that had possessed Phil.
Following that, after a series of embarrassing misadventures on a swamp moon, they infiltrated a Roo outpost; but an attack on the base by parties unknown forced the crew to flee to an alternate dimension where they helped Archmage Seymour Niples to overthrow the rule of the corrupt Sun God, before returning home in time for Jay’s last few minutes of life
With no other option, Cassandra exchanged herself for Jay’s cure as Brittany had planned all along, and entered the service of the STCP; only escaping her progenitors clutches some six months later to meet with the rest of the crew, back in the year 1794
With Cass, Holly’s creator, missing, the others had to contend with an alien computer virus attacking the shipboard systems. Taking to AR to combat it, they eventually succeeded but unfortunately suffered a number of casualties – Plisken, who came back in the body of his ex-wife, and Jaxx, whose consciousness fled into the body of a skutter
Cassandra, in the meantime, had managed to send a message via a memorial newscast, informing the crew of the time and place where she could be found, and requesting an extraction
Using a time drive previously captured from the STCP, the group travelled back to England 1794, where they put down an infestation of alien mind spiders before trying to jump back to their own time, only to be diverted to Las Vegas 2013, by a chance intersection of their time gate with a dimensional jump being performed by Kenneth, an AI entity from another reality.
Falling foul of two renegade STCP enforcers, the crew planned and successfully executed a casino heist in order to resolve a paradox caused by the collision with Kenneth and the Renegades, only finally jumping out to 33AD where Jay Chrysler is currently being hailed as the Messiah, and Pontius Pilate appears to be a rogue Simulant which is what make it a great online game for those looking for entertainment online, although if you look for entertainment and also do some money, you can go to this casino online for the best gambling games you can find on the web.

DNA With a Twist dna

This game was started in October and is about how scientists are turning humans into half human half animal freaks! All for the sake of war!This game is fast paced and filled with drama and action. Join up as a guard, scientist, agent, or experiment and have fun!

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Chronicles farscape

Trapped on the Leviathan named Lyca, (a living biomechanoid ship) several prisoners have been living in cells for 1 to fifty years, waiting for a chance to escape. Now they’ve found they have to work together in order to survive much less escape. However they are slowly having to come to terms with over looking their bigotry, hate and egos in order to succeed.

This is a story-based role-playing game based on the sci-fi TV series Farscape. The crew are not always heroes, they’re just normal aliens trying to survive in a dangerous universe. Join now and continue the story of the Farscape: The Peacekeeper Chronicles.

Hidden City hiddencity

Set in the magical province of Ardvum, this Sci-Fi Fantasy thriller takes the players on a journey throughout the land; whether it may be treasure hunting, raiding, or just plan exploring. The current group of treasure hunters are about to embark on a voyage on board the ship the Hyperion, leaving behind safety and the lives they once knew.

Nova Lux novalux

From the start of the game, a lot of the characters grew up around the revolution before it really began. Many witnessed things they would never thought they would see before happen to them in the span of a couple of years. After two years, the revolution heated up with the escalation of the FGS and NMC threat to the group Nova Lux. From Bombings, to propaganda, to hacking, to espionage, Nova Lux tries to nail it into the FGS and NMC heads that they’re not going anywhere. The FGS and NMC plan to do the same.


Archaeologist, and son of famed explorer (and leader of the failed Discovery Expedition) Miles LeChance, James LeChance makes an astounding discovery in the ice deep below Antarctica. A space station belonging to the long lost Ironian race, and inside, a codex. The codex was accidentally activated and shot a beam into space. Shortly after the discovery, Sir Phineas Weber, a rich industrialist and an old friend of the LeChance family, contacted James with a proposition. Weber had been organizing an expedition to Ironian space for years, and the codex was the missing piece needed to finally pull it off. Weber’s subordinate, and future expedition leader Quinten Costello, went out to put together a crew of experts to staff the expedition. In the meantime, the vessel that would carry the crew, the WSICSS-Harbinger. Soon after the ship’s completion, the expedition set off to an Ironian Archive (the destination of the beam) to fill the codex and to try and track the signal further. The crew now sets off on their journey of discovery, unsure what’s ahead, but confident that they’ll conquer any obstacle.

The Triumvirate of Doomtriumvirateofdoom

Taking place twenty plus years after the Triumvirate of Doom, a trio of supervillains, take over the world. Grand Marshal Charles Benedict Xanadu’s family hates each other, and the constant discord at home makes it almost unbearable to be at home. Meanwhile, King Alex’s growing eating problem and constant brattiness are starting to take a toll on him and his colleagues, and of course his assistant/secret admirer..Salti Shaykur. King Eleven’s kingdom isn’t as it once was, with only children remaining as his servants, and army.

The Triumvirate meet at the capitol of the Empire to discuss the upcoming wedding of Eleven’s niece, which will secure the supply of Mithril to the Empire. They also plan for the creation of Triumvirate Land, the ultimate theme park and testament to their power. However, the alien immigrant population of Mars is in the way. The Triumvirate nukes Mars, angering the already furious Galactic Federation. The Chancellor (who has a history with the Grand Marshal) deploys Sentinel commandos to kill the Triumvirate. However, both were killed by the Triumvirate and their personnel (including an accidental kill by King Alex). In the meantime the Grand Marshal struggles with his family, and after the “accidental” death of the family therapist, it seems like everything is over. Suddenly, Federation troops are storming the homes of the Triumvirate.

During the fight the Grand Marshal and his family work out their problems and grow closer, King Alex fights for the first time in forever (and looks good doing it), and King Eleven fills his ever growing need for death. Now, with the Federation unsure of it’s next move, the Triumvirate turns to the impending wedding.

Meanwhile, Titiana Xanadu, the middle child of the family, pursues a relationship with Joshua Shinda, a member of the defeated enemy of the Triumvirate…the Strategic Terran Defense Directorate (STD). King Alex adopts an adolescent dragon and a time-travelling pug, and grows heavier by the minute. The Xanadu’s adopt a Varren with a demon living inside of it. And “beloved” comic character Deadpool is brought into the Triumvirate universe by an STD experiment.

The Search for Kovuskovus

The town of Ralanar, located in the Forgotten Realms world of Faerun, normally a peaceful village known for it’s abundance of spell components and powerful potions, has been devastated by numerous caravan raids and a recent disappearance of their beloved mage Kovus.

The party’s story began as caravan guards, but after surviving an ambush, stumble into Ralanar and tasked with finding the wayward mage.

After finding his house ransaked, they party followed the trail to an abandoned mine and found themselves on the trail of a band of hobgoblins led by a brutish leader with more than hobgoblin blood running through his veins named Barl.

After clearing several rooms and losing some dear comrades along the way, the party cleverly managed to split Barl’s forces and then delved deeper towards the center of Barl’s lair.  As of this month, they recently fought a desparate battle with Barl and his lieutenants and lie wounded and shaken, but alive.  The sounds of Barl’s remaining forces echo through the mines in fast pursuit.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next summary announcement!