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Compliment your writers


If you’ve created a game on OngoingWorlds you’ve gone through the difficult task of getting people to join your game. Once your game is active, you have to keep it that way. Remember that writing isn’t easy, and you need to keep everyone’s spirits high. 

Make sure that when someone posts a great post, you tell them! Because there’s nothing better than encouragement.

Reward quality

“Quality” means something different to everyone. In a roleplay, quality might be great story, it might be really well written descriptive posts, it might mean hilarously fun posts that have you in tears of laughter, a quality post might have you in tears. Whatever type of quality you’re looking for in your game, make sure you reward it when you see it.

There’s some examples of how to reward your members here, but honestly it could be as simple as sending them an email complimenting their last post.