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There’s nothing better than encouragment

Encourage each other

Roleplaying is quite a difficult hobby, it requires real effort and thought to be put into story and characters. It’s one of the reasons I like it, but yeah, it’s not an easy hobby! Which is why it’s important to get good positive feedback and encouragement from others. Feels like the effort is paying off, right?

Encourage your fellow members

It’s really like to get positive feedback, so make sure you give it to others, even if it’s just a short “Wow, that was a great post, well done!”, or “That bit about the thing was really well written”. It’ll give the other player a boost, and might even make their day. It’ll certainly validate the effort it took to write.

Some ways to give encouragement

  • First example is the same as above. Just tell them. Send them an email, an IM, inbox them on Facebook, tweet them, or whichever way you like to communicate.
  • Rate their post. There’s stars at the bottom of each post (you need to be logged in to see these). More about rating posts here.
  • If you’re a moderator in a game you can give them an award. Here’s how.
  • If your game automatically posts to a Facebook page, click like and/or share their post. Remember, sharing is caring! More about connecting your game with a Facebook page here.