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The 10th Ongoing Worlds Community Honor is hereby awarded to…

Ongoing Worlds Community Honor

Ongoing Worlds Community Honor

It give me great pleasure to present the 10th Ongoing Worlds Community Honor to none other than David Ball for founding Ongoing Worlds and leading it over the last 4+ years.  Indeed, David has not only created a wonderful website where independent sims, both themed and original, can thrive, but he’s also developed an online blog that has now become the intellectual center of the online role playing community.  Simply put, no one is more deserving of a community honor than David.  Congratulations!

As of today, there are 57 games with activity in the last month on Ongoing Worlds.  They span everything from Star Trek to Star Wars to historical to D&D to Farscape to the Tolkien-esque.  Whatever you’re looking for–it’s there!  This dynamic group of sims wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for David’s vision over five years ago.  Not content with the limitations of YahooGroups, he began creating the Ongoing Worlds website in November 2008 to do more.  It officially launched in January 2010.  I’d say David succeeded.

David Ball

David Ball, Creator of Ongoing Worlds

The Ongoing Worlds Blog has a similar story.  David originally set it up to keep people up to date on his progress developing the Ongoing Worlds website.  He quickly found himself posting about other related topics in the simming community.  Soon he had other authors writing articles too.  Today, there are dozens of writers who blog about a whole host of different issues related to simming and online role playing.  In fact, I’d venture so far as to say it’s the number one community hub for news, opinion, and analysis.  David probably didn’t expect the blog to turn into this, but thanks to his hard work and dedication, it did.

Thanks again, David, and keep up the great work!

In case you were wondering, the Board of Advisors decided this behind David’s back.  Hopefully we still have our jobs tomorrow.  I’d also like to announce that Mister Xanadu and Tiberius Creations have joined Leon Archer, David Ball, and me on the Board of Advisors.  Again, assuming David doesn’t fire us all before the day’s end.