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The Monster Wars’ One Year Anniversary

DavidThere’s been a few milestones reached recently, if you follow our Facebook page you’ll have seen that the game Nova Lux is 200 days old, and I posted a graphic Tib made to mark the occasion. On the same post, Luke mentioned that his Darwin game is celebrating 100 days. Of course this is a mere blink in the lifespan of our longest running game Blue Dwarf, which was 14 years old this month!

Here’s an article written for us by Ralazie, talking about another anniversary, and what that means.

Monster WarsHello all! Zie here! Recently my very first Role-Playing game, The Monster Wars celebrated it’s first birthday. Not only did this game have its first anniversary on this site, but I did too. That’s right! I’ve been here for a full year now, and in the process, joined more games then I really should, but enough about me!

When I first created The Monster Wars, it was brand new, and like most new games, it was just the creator. I admit that I had no idea how to use the site, and my very first posts convey that, but once I got the hang of it, I wanted members. Once I got one of my friends onto the game, we soon started bringing more of our friends in, and I was very excited at the game movements.

Over the year we’ve had as a game, there was an unbelievable amount of character developments and plot twists, not to mention the Master Plan that was in the works for months by me and Eleven. When it started, it had a very simple idea of two sisters facing a falling world, but it quickly escalated into a world beyond imagine that was shaped by all of the characters.

It became a pirate game, a vampire game, a game to explore war and social classes as seen through the eyes of foreign beings. This game has always been my way to see how life would work with people from dynamic races whose abilities shape the entire war. A few months ago, I realized that this game never had a beginning and I dedicated myself to writing a bit of a prequel to the game about why the war started.

I suppose it sounds a bit cheesy to say that this game has always affected my writing since April 13, but it is true. My most influential character, the rough and hardened Korita Clawstrike has aspects that has been sucked into my other characters, not to mention other characters from the game. The mental instability from Korita is seen in Blaire Savett of Gen 2. The empathy of Ivory in Liasa Gustblast of Spellbound. These are mere examples, because every character that exists in The Monster Wars has affected my role-playing as well as my other writings.

When I went on the site a few weeks ago, I discovered that The Monster Wars, the first game I’d ever created, was on the list of the top four games. I promptly ran around announcing it to anyone who was in my vicinity. The reason that this had happened was because of the dedicated members who have stuck with us, trying to post as often as they could. I have never gotten overly upset when it became inactive, because, to tell the truth, it is my fault for at least half of the time. To all of my members, I am so, so happy that you have stuck with me for so long, and have done your best work in writing, and I don’t think I could have asked for such a good team who never made the game about themselves and allowed for everyone to post.

I realize that this game is about a war, and though wars end, conflict is eternal, and I don’t want to end the game just at the end of the war, but continue it, because characters all have the chance to move past it, and deal with their new life outside of the war. I want this game to last until the very last beat. This game is probably the reason I didn’t move on from Ongoing Worlds after a few days, and continue searching for a Role-Play site. Thank you to all of the members who have made this game grow from something I made on a whim to a game that rests on the top games list!