The Monster Wars’ One Year Anniversary

DavidThere’s been a few milestones reached recently, if you follow our Facebook page you’ll have seen that the game Nova Lux is 200 days old, and I posted a graphic Tib made to mark the occasion. On the same post, Luke mentioned that his Darwin game is celebrating 100 days. Of course this is a mere blink in the lifespan of our longest running game Blue Dwarf, which was 14 years old this month!

Here’s an article written for us by Ralazie, talking about another anniversary, and what that means.

Monster WarsHello all! Zie here! Recently my very first Role-Playing game, The Monster Wars celebrated it’s first birthday. Not only did this game have its first anniversary on this site, but I did too. That’s right! I’ve been here for a full year now, and in the process, joined more games then I really should, but enough about me! Read More