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OWCH awarded to Jack Tennant & other awards

The OWCH awardI’m proud to announce that I’m awarding the OWCH award (OngoingWorlds community honour) to Jack Tennant, for being an awesome member in Blue Dwarf and for going “above and beyond” being just a member of a roleplaying game. For months Jack has been recording the Blue Dwarf story into an audio podcast, a task which isn’t as easy as it sounds. it takes careful planning, organisation, practice, a talent for recording your voice and… well… the guts to record your voice in the first place! Believe me it does take guts, and I’m almost an emotional wreck when I record things like the how-to Youtube videos.

If you’d like to listen to the Blue Dwarf podcast, subscribe to the feed here:

Or search for Blue Dwarf on iTunes, and subscribe.

Jack isn’t the only one who’s been recording the Blue Dwarf podcasts, it’s a team effort, but to date he’s done a vast amount more than anyone else and is a real driving force, so well done Jack!

What is the Community Honour, you might ask? The OWCH will be presented occasionally to individuals for outstanding service to our organization. It can be for a a variety of different reasons – like putting in extra work, like Jack, or hosting a major event for roleplayers like one of our previous winners; Jonathan Swift. Or for contributing many articles to our blog like another winner; Leon Archer. You can see all other OWCH winners here.

You can see this and other awards on Jack’s profile.

Other awards

Jack’s not the only award winner this month. I’ve also given the special new site-awards (as described here) to these members:

“Jester” award given to Scion – For keeping us entertained by constantly telling jokes in the C-box! See Scion’s awards here.

“Wiki warrior” award given to Jaxx – For adding information about games on OngoingWorlds to the wiki at (which is a great thing to do, & it’s easy too. I recommend you add info about your game here too). See Jaxx’s awards here.

“Feature tester” award given to Scion & Phantasmagoria for responding to the message I’d put on our Facebook group, and helping me test out the new system for disowning and adopting characters.