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You can now add character photos

The OngoingWorlds website has now been updated so that you can add photos to your character profiles. The photos will show when you view the individual character pages, as well as on the “Characters” page for each game.

All games have been upgraded, and any new games which are created will have this functionality as standard.

Add a photo for your character

To add a photo for your character, view the character’s profile, and click “Edit Character” (note: you can only edit characters that you own, or if you’re a Moderator in the game you can edit all characters in your game).

Show character screen

This is where you can edit your character’s profile. You can change their name and age, and fill in the fields that your game has chosen to ask. Be as descriptive as you can because other members will need to know about your character.

Edit character screen

Click browse to select a photo from your computer. Press “Open”.

Showing character screen now with photo

Save the character and you should see the photo appear on your character’s profile.

How this will be useful

A photo says a thousand words, so finding a suitable photo will save you needing to write a lot of description, although you should always give enough description of your character for other people to be able to write about them. If you want to immortalize your favorite photos from your phone’s gallery, you can do so with PrintedMemories. You can create a photo book of your style in just a few clicks.

The next feature which will be added to OngoingWorlds is the ability to add a character to a post, so that you’ll be able to “tag” a post (like you can with photos in Facebook), and all the characters associated with the post will appear in small thumbnail images down the right-hand side, showing instantly who is present in the post. This will also provide an easy link to the character’s profile. I’ve talked more about this in a previous blog post, have a look there if you’re interested.