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Nobody really cares what your character looks like…

This is an extract from a blog article on the Starbase 118 website by Sal Taybrim. There’s loads of great articles with tips for roleplaying in their Writer’s Workshop section, so make sure to read that right after this. 

Attractive Star Trek cosplay lady

Nobody really cares what your character looks like…

This is harsh, but true. In a writing game, we all imagine what your character looks like. If you insist that they are attractive, leave a few details and then move on to the action. Your readers will fill in with how they imagine the character to look and be depending on their own definitions of attractive. Read More


11 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Character’s History

I found this great article on Jesse Cohoon’s blog, & thought it would be really useful for you guys.

make the most of your character's history


Player backgrounds are important. They tell where characters have been, what their goals are, and who their friends and enemies are. Read More


New character “recent activity” timeline

New character timelineHi dudes, I’ve made an update today to how the character’s recent activity is displayed on a character profile. This new timeline layout displays the dates the character profile has been updated, as well as the most recent posts where they were mentioned.

If you’ve got any feedback about this update, send me an email through the contact page, or in the chatbox. Thanks, and I hope you like the new layout! Read More


Introducing the fly-out character summaries

It’s been possible to tag characters in your posts for a while now (see the article where this was introduced here), which gives readers a quick and easy way to view the character profile for a character mentioned in a post. Sometimes this isn’t quick enough and readers might only need a quick recap, rather than to read a character’s full biography and history. That’s why we’ve introduced the character fly-out summary.

Fly-out summary example

Hover over a character tagged in a post and you’ll see a summary bio fly out from the side. This will show the character’s gender, age and character group, and a character summary (if it has one). Read More


You can now add character photos

The OngoingWorlds website has now been updated so that you can add photos to your character profiles. The photos will show when you view the individual character pages, as well as on the “Characters” page for each game.

All games have been upgraded, and any new games which are created will have this functionality as standard.

Add a photo for your character

To add a photo for your character, view the character’s profile, and click “Edit Character” (note: you can only edit characters that you own, or if you’re a Moderator in the game you can edit all characters in your game).

Read More