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The price for making your game private has dropped

private sign do not read

Some people might want to make their game private, either for anonymity or to keep your plot secret from prying eyes. Whatever the reason, I used to be asked regularly to add a feature to make a game private to it’s members only. I added this a while ago (see the original article about it here) but not many people have yet taken me up on the offer.

So I’ve dropped the price by half (1 donation of $15).

Get it while it’s hot. Or private. Not… sure… what that means.

How to make your game private

This is a donation-only feature, because of the additional work and moderation that it requires.

  1. You need to have created a game already
  2. Go to the donations page and select the “Make your game private” perk
  3. During the donation you’ll be asked which game you want to make private
  4. Because this is a new feature there’s a manual step involved. Behind the scenes I’ll make your game private asap & email you when it’s done.