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The price for making your game private has dropped

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Some people might want to make their game private, either for anonymity or to keep your plot secret from prying eyes. Whatever the reason, I used to be asked regularly to add a feature to make a game private to it’s members only. Read More


The freedom of privacy – 4 reasons to make your game private

Roleplaying poster in the style of the Obama change posterI’ve noticed often in our hobby that many people like to keep themselves an enigma. Using usernames instead of real names, and keeping details about themselves on a need-to-know basis.

A number of people asked for private games to be a feature – which is now an option (see here). Here’s some reaons why you might want to have a private game:

  • If you’re nervous about your quality of writing – A private game will be seen by other members in your game, but nobody else. Allowing you to develop your writing skills with trusted people. Read More


You can now request your game to be private

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Okay so private games are now officially live Read More


Private games are now in beta

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Quite a few people asked for private games in the recent survey, so I’ve worked hard this weekend and private games are now available. Read More


Should story posts be private?

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Some PBP/PBEM games can be set to private so that you can’t see their messages but what have they got to hide? There are some disadvantages of a private game

Edit: At the end of the post I say that OngoingWorlds doesn’t have a feature to make games private. This changed in September 2014 when private games were introduced

Play-by-email and play-by-post games have in the past been either private or public, and in this article we’re going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, and see why people might want their games to be public or private.

What is public or private?

Traditional play-by-email games (PBEM) were stories told by users who sent emails to each other, always keeping every member in the group cc’d into the email, or every member was part of a “newsgroup”, where emailing one email address distributed the email to all members of the group. Doing this meant that the posts that you sent to each other were only ever seen by other members of the group.

Games played on a public forum, or Yahoo groups are often public. This means they can be seen by anyone who has navigated to the website, and doesn’t have to be a member to view all posts in the story so far. In both forums and a Yahoo group, you have the option to make all posts private if you need to. This means that only members will be able to see the posts, retaining your privacy.

Read More